Bassbuds Review

Note: this is a compensated review, in that I received the pair of ear buds. 

So, I got offered the chance to review ear buds and I agreed, because ear buds are one of my essential tools.

Why does a writer need ear buds?  The main ways I use ear buds are to talk to clients and to teach classes.  I also use them to listen to teleseminars.  When I first got my smart phone, I was a dedicated hold-the-phone-up-to-my-ear-and-talk type.  Headsets and ear buds seemed unwieldy to me, awkward to don when the phone rings–"Wait, wait, let me put my earphones on!"

But then I started listening to teleclasses through the phone, and soon it became clear that I needed my hands free to do other things while I listened.  And then I started getting more clients, and talking to them on the phone, and I wanted to be able to take notes. The clincher was when Oregon passed a hands-free law.  If I wanted to talk on the phone while in the car (I really don't all that often) I needed ear buds.

And now I'm totally hooked on them.  I can barely stand to talk on the phone in the traditional way.  So getting a really cool pair of ear buds to review seemed like an excellent idea.

And the Bassbuds are really cool.  They come in a snazzy box that contains all kinds of goodies–like extra rubber rings for the actual buds.  And they are gorgeous.  Mine are white (though multiple colors are available), with a Swaroski crystal decorating them and a silver, anti-twist cord.  They are comfortable, too, resting delicately in the ears.

The problem is, I can't hear very well through them.

Yeah, I know.

The times I've used them, I've been dissatisfied. I talked on the phone for a few minutes this morning and the call seemed muffled and distant. The person on the other end could barely hear me.  When I switched to the cheap original ear buds, the clarity was fine.

I have a feeling that the issue has something to do with me, because if you go google Bassbud Ear Bud Reviews, you'll find glowing testimonials to how wonderful they are.  Also I noticed that most of these people were using their ear buds to listen to music, so that might make a difference.

I'll try them again.  In the meantime, call me befuddled.