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Bassbuds Review

Note: this is a compensated review, in that I received the pair of ear buds. 

So, I got offered the chance to review ear buds and I agreed, because ear buds are one of my essential tools.

Why does a writer need ear buds?  The main ways I use ear buds are to talk to clients and to teach classes.  I also use them to listen to teleseminars.  When I first got my smart phone, I was a dedicated hold-the-phone-up-to-my-ear-and-talk type.  Headsets and ear buds seemed unwieldy to me, awkward to don when the phone rings–"Wait, wait, let me put my earphones on!"

But then I started listening to teleclasses through the phone, and soon it became clear that I needed my hands free to do other things while I listened.  And then I started getting more clients, and talking to them on the phone, and I wanted to be able to take notes. The clincher was when Oregon passed a hands-free law.  If I wanted to talk on the phone while in the car (I really don't all that often) I needed ear buds.

And now I'm totally hooked on them.  I can barely stand to talk on the phone in the traditional way.  So getting a really cool pair of ear buds to review seemed like an excellent idea.

And the Bassbuds are really cool.  They come in a snazzy box that contains all kinds of goodies–like extra rubber rings for the actual buds.  And they are gorgeous.  Mine are white (though multiple colors are available), with a Swaroski crystal decorating them and a silver, anti-twist cord.  They are comfortable, too, resting delicately in the ears.

The problem is, I can't hear very well through them.

Yeah, I know.

The times I've used them, I've been dissatisfied. I talked on the phone for a few minutes this morning and the call seemed muffled and distant. The person on the other end could barely hear me.  When I switched to the cheap original ear buds, the clarity was fine.

I have a feeling that the issue has something to do with me, because if you go google Bassbud Ear Bud Reviews, you'll find glowing testimonials to how wonderful they are.  Also I noticed that most of these people were using their ear buds to listen to music, so that might make a difference.

I'll try them again.  In the meantime, call me befuddled.

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  1. J.D.

    Call me an ipod freak, so earphones are an essential part of my survival kit. I use mine for music and writing podcasts while I’m walking or biking (which has been too damn infrequent lately). My problem is always keeping them in place–I don’t have Spock ears. The ones I use now have this loop that goes around my ears. Not too bad but I would go for a genuine upgrade.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    I'm the same way, J.D., gotta have my earphones.  I was looking at some at the store yesterday that had the buds in the shape of animals–owls and so on.  Cute, but not sure how well they work.  I'm going to keep trying the Bassbuds because I really like the idea of them!
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    Bassbuds Review – Charlotte Rains Dixon

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