Comedy Writing Contest

I was contacted by these folks to promote their comedy writing contest.  And hey, there's a $5,000 prize!  It's not the cool $5 million that the X Factor is offering its winners, but I'd take it. And you probably would, too.

So here are the details:

  • First, be aware that the deadline is October 28th, so either get cranking or start digging through your files. 
  • They are looking for a half-hour comedy script featuring the modern American family.
  • The winner will receive creative guidance and direct input from director John Wells, known as the executive producer of ER, The West Wing, Third Watch, Southland, and Shameless.
  • Did I mention the prize was for $5k?

Check out the Comedy Writer Contest site for more info and official rules.

And good luck.  If you win, come back and share the good news.

By the way, do you enter writing contests, or do you prefer to submit to other venues?