Literary Libations

Everystockphoto_130859_tn I'm a thief.  

My friends in Nashville invented a monthly networking (and I use the term loosely) group for writers and named it Literary Libations.  The deal is, you meet in a bar somewhere, everyone buys their own drink and food, and have it, chatting about every aspect of the writing life.

I liked the idea so much I prevailed upon my biz partner Debbie to start one here.  And so we did, despite the fact that Debbie had to fly to San Antonio for business at the last minute. 

The first Literary Libations in Portland was held on Monday night and we had 10, count 'em, 10, writers for our maiden voyage.  Make that 9 writers and my husband, who wanted a chance to indulge in the wonderful food at Cabezon, where we held our meeting.

While I had envisioned a casual bunch of us standing around in the bar, we soon took over every available space and decided we better sit down.  So we repaired to a table outside and went around, one by one, talking about ourselves and our writing.  It was fun!

The thing is, writers need each other.  We spend hours alone in our offices, writing away, often isolated from the world.  We have problems and questions and ideas unique to the writing life and its good to share them.  Conferences and retreats fill a need for this, but those are likely once a year.  Not often enough. 

Debbie and I envisioned our Literary Libations meetings as taking place once a month, but folks on Monday night talked about wanting to meet every other week.  So we'll see about that.  For now, the next LL will be held on Monday, September 26th, somewhere in northeast or southeast Portland, location to be announced.  If you're interested in attending, drop me a line at and I'll keep you posted.

How do you guys stay connected with other writers?  Do you have in person meetings or content yourself with online communication?