Wednesday Within: The Virus of Obsessing About Stupid Things

Often sometimes I obsess about stupid things.  Like what top to buy, or if I should take a certain class, or how to totally and completely change my life.  This doesn't sound so bad, but I swear at times it clogs up my whole mind and my brain gets stuck thinking about this stupid stuff. Estock_commonswiki_278333_l

I'm convinced its a virus.

And when I think really dark thoughts about this virus, I'm convinced it was let loose by some evil overlord trying to subdue the human race by making them waste time on petty thoughts. (Should you doubt this theory, go read your Facebook news feed.  The stupidity of the things people post there is appalling.)

My theory is akin to one I've heard bandied about on women, which I actually believe: that we are sold a bill of goods about how we should look through a constant stream of adverstisements, features in magazines on beauty, and articles.  This keeps us relatively powerless because we waste time on crap like this rather than running the world, for instance.

Maybe this is a virus, too?

Or maybe none of it is.  Rather, it is just our poor tired brains running on overload all the time, what with the bombardment of information they handle.  But I sure wish I knew how to deal with it better, because while I'm obsessing about what sweater pattern to knit, another writer is turning that obsessing into a novel about knitters.  Or something.  

And I want to be that writer.

Ideas?  What do you do when your brain starts into overload obsesssion mode?  (Oh crap, please tell me I'm not the only one whose brain does this.)

Photo by Geejo.