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Wednesday Within: The Virus of Obsessing About Stupid Things

Often sometimes I obsess about stupid things.  Like what top to buy, or if I should take a certain class, or how to totally and completely change my life.  This doesn't sound so bad, but I swear at times it clogs up my whole mind and my brain gets stuck thinking about this stupid stuff. Estock_commonswiki_278333_l

I'm convinced its a virus.

And when I think really dark thoughts about this virus, I'm convinced it was let loose by some evil overlord trying to subdue the human race by making them waste time on petty thoughts. (Should you doubt this theory, go read your Facebook news feed.  The stupidity of the things people post there is appalling.)

My theory is akin to one I've heard bandied about on women, which I actually believe: that we are sold a bill of goods about how we should look through a constant stream of adverstisements, features in magazines on beauty, and articles.  This keeps us relatively powerless because we waste time on crap like this rather than running the world, for instance.

Maybe this is a virus, too?

Or maybe none of it is.  Rather, it is just our poor tired brains running on overload all the time, what with the bombardment of information they handle.  But I sure wish I knew how to deal with it better, because while I'm obsessing about what sweater pattern to knit, another writer is turning that obsessing into a novel about knitters.  Or something.  

And I want to be that writer.

Ideas?  What do you do when your brain starts into overload obsesssion mode?  (Oh crap, please tell me I'm not the only one whose brain does this.)

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20 thoughts on “Wednesday Within: The Virus of Obsessing About Stupid Things

  1. Don Williams

    I know this virus well…. I was born infected with it! The best thing to do, at least for me, is to not to worry too much about it as that will only clog up my mind even more so. Actually, if your a humorous type of person you can always be smart about being stupid by making up funny or humorous stories about it. After all, you just wrote a neat post about it, and for that, I’m thankful as it was very enjoyable.

  2. J.D.

    Connect the obsession to a character. Sports has always occupied the left half . . . and the right half of my brain. The part that tells me to eat and sleep is in there somewhere. But I am not an athlete. I can golf a little. I can shoot a basketball if I don’t have to jump, if no one is within 20 feet, and the gym is totally silent. One of my protagonists is very athletic. He is ridiculously strong. Anything physical comes easy to him. This is not high literature. It’s more Mickey Spillane. Your characters are more subtle. If what society expects of women pisses you off, write a character who has a different spin on it. Maybe she is so beautiful that everyone’s obsession with looks puzzles her. Some different angle. The beautiful woman who, behind the scenes is so fearful of losing her looks, has been done many times. Maybe all of them have. Find a spin on something that is bugging you write your passion into it.

  3. Dyoung

    This is good advice. Charolette.. But I have to agree with you on the obsessing thing. First, I obsessed over getting a new family computer, then when hubs and I were shopping for said computer, I obsessed over which one to get. A litany if reasons went into my obsession….what type, what size, what brand, PRICE….once I got to the last one, I then obsessed over weather we should be making this purchase at all….then once we finally made our decision (it was agony) I obsessed over being so obsessed about the procedure….

    I feel it’s a gender thing. Women do this more than men. Because my hubby was cool as a cucumber thru the entire purchase process of the computer. Tho he had similar questions for the store associate- he didn’t dwell on every answer the way I did.

    Men think in a compartmentalized way. Women think in a woven way. Therefore we have more dwelling issues.

    Perhaps I’m wrong in thinking this way. But over the years it’s been my experience.

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    I have to agree with you. I don’t see my husband obsessing over these things. But maybe he just doesn’t tell me? No, doubtful. And yes, I obsess over being so obsessed. Can’t win!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Don! And I love what you said about how worrying about it just clogs the mind up more. So very true!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Great advice, J.D. I still think you should write a blog. Anyway, I just read a book in which a character was stunningly beautiful and didn’t really know it. And she was somewhat puzzled by people’s reactions to her. I love the way you explored coming up with different angles in this comment.

  7. Dyoung

    A JD blog would be interesting.

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    It would be amazing, wouldn't it?  Not to rat him out or anything, but he did used to have one.  And I read it regularly.  C'mon, J.D.!

  9. J.D.

    I am not blogging. It is hard work! I have to keep my two brain cells focused on my WIP. Sure there are people who say using your brain doesn’t wear it out. I’m not convinced. Just because the use it or lose it rule holds for some things doesn’t mean you can hang your hat on it. If I only have 4 million brain impulses left, do I want to use two of them blogging about some book . . . a Khardasian autobiography or something.

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    Well, hell.  I thought we had you there.

  11. Dyoung

    He did? Interesting…

  12. J.D.

    Your analysis of how men and women think is very interesting: compartment vs. woven. Of course, you are assuming we both think ;-)

  13. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh lord, you two crack me up.  I adore you both!

  14. Charlotte Dixon

    I know that women and men think very differently, but I’ve never heard it explained as waffle vs spaghetti. Could you tell a bit more?

  15. Charlotte Dixon

    I’m pretty sure that’s how we met. Is that true, J.D.? Or did it start because we were both in Linda’s Christmas anthology?

  16. Kayla Dawn Thomas

    Oh dear, you are not alone! Usually when my brain gets to this point I sit down with a book. If it’s a good story, it will hold onto my mind and the wandering stops. Twenty minutes for a complete reboot.

  17. Charlotte Dixon

    A wonderful suggestion.   Reading is a great cure for just about everything.

  18. Dyoung

    Sure! Men compartmentalism their communication. Speaking of one subject at a time. Where women talk and actively think about multiple topics at the same time. Women begin a story going one direction- only to converge in to a related but different topic- but always come full circle to the original discussion.
    That’s over simplifying but you get the drift.

  19. Charlotte Dixon

    Sounds about right to me.  My daughter and I took a class called Boys Alive last year, which was fascinating.  It was all about how differently men communicate from women and how when raising a son it really helps to know this.  It was a class I wish I'd had when my son was a boy, but now it helps me understand my grandson.

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