Promptitude: Summer Vacation

Beach_sand_warm_247390_l Alas, I have been alarmingly somewhat remiss in my project of providing you with prompts.   But seeing as how I'll be on a plane to Orlando tomorrow (for the Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club business intensive) I thought I might extract some summer vacation type prompts from my fertile brain.  Even though I'll be working, not vacationing.  And on my birthday, no less.

So here you go:

They ran through the airport.

The plane was late.

The problem with the tropics is the heat.

Ah, sunshine.

Sand has an annoying habit of collecting everywhere.

Her feet hurt from walking all day.

She enjoyed the perfect qualities of a trashy beach book.

Vacations are important because.

Her favorite thing to do on an airplane was…

The car ride made him sick.

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Promptitude: Whiney Baby

Baby-scream-pink-69549-l At the beginning of this week, I wrote about fear.

As I've progressed through the week, feeling much better about life, I've also been reading SARK's latest book, Glad No Matter What.

She writes about a process for clearing out fear and other nasty emotions that plague us. First you write a Mad page (or pages), beginning with putting words for the feelings you're having across the top of the page.  Then write out what's making you feel that way, specifically.  Next she advocates writing a Wise page, wherein you write to yourself supportive and pithy bits of wisdom that will make you feel better.  And finally, you write Glad pages, which are like Mad pages, only happy.  Across the top of the page write all the good feelings you have, then write out what is making you feel this way.

The thing is, its easy for people to get disdainful of such processes.  Like the whole optimistic, glad thing.  Even I can find myself rolling my eyes if things get too feel-goody.

But, actually, that's bull.  I think its a conditioned response from society.  If I were younger, and more passionate about rebellion, I'd say its a response from a society that wants you to fit into the great unhappy masses and not stand out.  Because, honestly, doing things such as the above process can make you feel better.  Way better.  And who doesn't want to feel better these days?  I know I do.

So this week my prompts are oriented around journal writing and they are designed to purge worry and fear, which, I have it on good authority, there's a lot of these days.  The key thing with these prompts is to keep going and when you run out of stuff to write, go to the next prompt.  You want to get all the way down to the bottom layer of the fear in order to deal with it.  Here goes.  Be brave:

–I'm worried about…

–I'm afraid of….

–The worst that can happen is….

–And then…

–But wait, there's more…

Okay, that's it, I promise.  Phew, nasty stuff.  Take a deep breath and a drink of water.  Don't you feel better?  Sort of wrung out and depleted, but also ready to fill that empty, purged space with good new stuff?  Start with this:

–I'm happy because…

–I'm inspired to….

–What bring me joy is….

–I'm grateful for…

And there you have it.  Let me know how it works.


Promptitude: Super Moon Edition

In case you haven't heard, tonight we're having a super moon.  There's all kinds of craziness going on around this phenomenon, but basically the earth's orbit is the closest its been to the moon in 18 years.  Moon_full_moon_248337_l

I'm a moon baby, born under the sign of Cancer, and I've always felt the ebb and flow of the moon.   So the topic of a super moon inspires me.  Thus, this week I offer several prompts for your consideration. 

Most often I use prompts to inspire my fiction writing, or to ease me over a block.  Not as often do I use them for personal writing, because, well, I never seem to have much problem getting words on the page in my journal.

But the moon makes me feel all cozy and intimate, so here are three prompts that might take you into your own life:

Eighteen years ago, in March of 1993, I was…

When the moon is full, I feel….

The things that inspire me are…

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Image of moon by tomisted, from Everystockphoto.