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Promptitude: Summer Vacation

Beach_sand_warm_247390_l Alas, I have been alarmingly somewhat remiss in my project of providing you with prompts.   But seeing as how I'll be on a plane to Orlando tomorrow (for the Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club business intensive) I thought I might extract some summer vacation type prompts from my fertile brain.  Even though I'll be working, not vacationing.  And on my birthday, no less.

So here you go:

They ran through the airport.

The plane was late.

The problem with the tropics is the heat.

Ah, sunshine.

Sand has an annoying habit of collecting everywhere.

Her feet hurt from walking all day.

She enjoyed the perfect qualities of a trashy beach book.

Vacations are important because.

Her favorite thing to do on an airplane was…

The car ride made him sick.

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