Make Money Writing Online, Four–Types of Internet Writing

I know, I know, you’ve been up night wondering when I was going to write the next installment of Make Money Writing Online.  Pining and longing for the next chapter.  Well, yearn no more, because here it is.

So far in this series about making money writing online, we’ve discussed the dream and the reality of freelance writing, and we’ve also looked at the benefits of freelancing online.

Today’s lesson is a primer on the various types of internet writing opportunities.  A smorgasbord of gigs, so to speak.    I’m going to give you a list with a brief description of each one, and then we’ll delve into each of these much deeper in the next segment, which is the how-to you’ve all been waiting for. 

Here goes:

Blogs.  Pretty self-explanatory.  You can write a blog of your own to establish credibility or authority.  You can monetize your blog through affiliate programs and ads.  And you can use a blog much as you would a website, when it becomes your calling card to attract clients. I touched on this briefly in the chapter on the benefits of freelancing online.  However, you can also get paid to write blog posts for someone else.  Many businesses, large and small, are starting blogs because they are an excellent way to connect with customers.  Yet these businesses don’t have a clue how to write in the friendly, accessible style a blog demands.  So they hire writers.  You might also want to write for a blog network, such as 451 Press.  These are groupings of blogs of a variety of topics have the advantage of providing you with a built-in audience.  There are also job opportunities at blogs that cover a specific topic with many different contributors, such as Treehugger. The job boards are full of these opportunities.  We’ll look into finding these jobs in an upcoming section.

Copywriting.  Okay, folks, what is our mantra?  Repeat after me: The internet is a hungry beast, and what it is hungry for is words.  Every website and blog on the internet, and there are billions of them, contains words.  Not only that, the best way to get high Google rankings is to figure out what specific words (or keywords) people will be searching for and fill your website with them.  Don’t you love an entity powered by words?  I digress.  You can write for websites,utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimized) techniques or not, or you can write sales letters, or you can write other types of marketing writing.  You can write for companies that will find the jobs for you or you can find them yourselves.  Trust me, there is tons of copywriting work available out there.

Article Sites.  Because the internet is a beast hungry for words, article sites such as Helium and Associated Content have sprung up.  You write articles and post them and when they get purchased, you get a chunk of the income.  A very tiny, wee, small chunk, more like a tidbit, but a chunk all the same.  I shy away from these because I’d rather spend my time in what I feel are more productive ways but some writers have good luck with them.  One warning: do not post assignments you’ve done for others, whether through a company or a private arrangement, on these sites.  That is considered plagiarism.

Writing Books.  Writing ebooks and ghost-writing fall into this area.  When you sign on with a copywriting company, you’ll have a chance to hone your ebook writing skills.  You might be surprised how many opportunities there are for writing ebooks.  Most of them will be ghostwritten, meaning your name will not appear on it.  However, not all of them will be.  I’m currently writing a book about fundraising that will have my name on it.

Editing.  Into this category I lump copyediting, proofreading, and book editing.  You can edit for companies that publish ebooks, or private clients, or find any number of other opportunities.  I currently edit for a successful publisher of sensual romance ebooks and I’m throughly enjoying it.

Squidoo.  On this site, you can create pages, or "lenses" about a subject you know something about.    Its a whole network of interconnected lenses and it is pretty fun to spend time on.   You do get paid a portions of the revenues on Squidoo.  5% goes directly to charity, and then you get 50%.  I was greatly enamored with the site when I first started blogging, but got a little disenchanted when it took me forever to build my lenses.  However, I is a lot smarter about the internet now so I may have to go check it out again. 

Odd Bits.  You can also pick up odd jobs on the internet, and if you put your mind to it, you could easily set up a blog to market your services along these lines.  Odd jobs include writing wikipedia entries, (yes, people really get paid for this), writing dating profiles for people to post on Match and other sites, and no doubt others I’m not aware of.  Please note: you will be writing for private clients to post on these websites, not for the websites themselves.   

As you can see, there is a vast array of opportunity awaiting you in all different kinds of writing jobs.  Next up we’ll start looking at the specifics of how to actually do the writing.

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