Writing Accomplishments for 2009

It is the second to last day of the year, and a fitting time to mull your accomplishments in writing over the past year.  So have at it, what were they?  I want to hear the big, the small, the in-between, all of 'em.  Fork them over, lay them down, share them for all to hear!

I have one big achievement that stands out for me:

I finished my flippin' novel!

And by finished I mean eight drafts, and it is as done as I can make it for now.  I'm satisfied with it and proud of it, actually.  I think it has an excellent chance of getting published. 

So now tell me your proudest writing accomplishments.  Hell, list a gazillion of them if you want to.  Let's beat our chests and celebrate and then let that momentum carry us into a successful new year

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