Inspiration Friday: Rocket Photo Works

For this week's inspiration, I feature…my daughter, the talented photographer Ariane Hopman.

She's in the middle of about a million life transitions, including a new marriage, a new home that will soon be a mini-urban farm, and a fabulous new job.  But in her spare time, she's starting a photo business.  Annie graduated from the U of O (Go Ducks!) in photojournalism, and consequently got a post baccalaureate degree in photography from OCAC, where she also worked until recently (ie, last week).

She's inspired me since she was a little girl, and did just as much work raising me as I did raising her, so it seems fitting to feature her this week.  Go check out her site and if you're in the Portland area and need portraits done, give her a call.

Oh, and a tip of the Wordstrumpet hat to anyone who can figure out the relationship between her given name–Ariane (which, by the way, I discovered in a Marge Piercy novel and fell in love with) and the name of her business.

Who inspires you?


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