7 Ways to Change Your Mindset

It's the mindset, baby.


Read the following words.  Worry.  Fear.  Upset. Depression.  Anxiety. Sadness. 


You can just feel how they drag you down, simply by reading them, can't you?  Imagine the weight these words add when they are translated to feelings inside you.

Now read these: Joy. Light. Happiness.  Buoyancy (my current favorite word). Confidence. Laughter.

Doesn't reading the words make you feel completely different?

Clearly discouraging words are not good for us.  Which means, of course, they are not good for our writing.  As above, so below.  As in life, so in writing.  As in writing, so in life.  It is such a simple thing.  And yet so profound, too.  Even though it sounds all self-helpy, it is true.  The words we think and the way we think really do make a difference.

So maybe it's time to look at which mindset you live in.  The blah, boring, depressed one, or the happy light and cheerful one?  If you're like me, then you probably find yourself dipping into the bleak mindset once in awhile.  But, never fear.  I have a solution for you.   Actually, 7 solutions.   Here they are:

1. Identify and acknowledge it.  If you feel yourself sinking into a mindset of calamity, identify and acknowledge it.  Only then can you move on. Sometimes I find myself Not Writing and I don't even realize why.  Then, when I look at what's going on, I realize I'm discouraged.  Or angry.  Or fearful.  Once I've figured that out, I can shift it. 

2. Use it as fuel.  Write it out.  That's how we writers process, so grab your journal or a random legal pad and write whatever bleak feeling you're experiencing out.  It continually amazes me how much this helps, which is why I am continually amazed that there are some people who get through life without writing.

3. Turn up the music.  Another obvious mood-shifter that I sometimes forget about.  Duh.  Put some music on and dance around the house for a few minutes.  Hard to be pissy after that.

4. Meditate.  I know, I know.  But do it anyway.

5. Get outside.  Walk or just sit, if its warm enough.  I'm one of those people who could not live in a high-rise apartment that required taking an elevator to the street, because I need instant access to the outdoors.  Just stepping outside can be a mood changer.

6.  Use a mantra.  A good and simple way to soothe your mind. 

7. Don't do things that upset you.  Like watching the news.  Or violent TV shows.  Or reading sad animal stories. You know what they are.  Avoid them.

Experiment with these mind shifters and see if they don't enhance your writing.

Note: for a quick fix, read my post on a two-step process to create energy.  And please feel free to comment on how you maintain a positive mindset for your writing and your life.

 Photo by goroo, from Everytockphoto.

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