Why I’m Distracted Today

BusterSitting (Excuse the sideways photo, its how my phone sent it to my computer and as far as I can tell, Typepad doesn't let me rotate it.  Why, Typepad, why?) 

Anyway, meet Ally (the fawn) and Buster (the once-upon-a-time black one).  Ally is 7 and Buster is 13.  Poor old guy is pretty rickety but he is a love.  The two of them were raised together and given up by a family who didn't have time for them.  Yes, Buster is a bit high maintenance but I love him anyway.  It is so wonderful to have pugs and puggie sounds in the house again–Ally follows me everywhere and is currently snoring beside me.

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12/13/2010 14:50

Just the kind of distraction we like! Since it’s been raining, I’m seeing fewer canine-types in my office building so I’m getting my fix looking at your sweeties.

12/13/2010 15:15

So glad to be of service! And my pugs are glad to help, too.

12/13/2010 21:48

Awwwww, Charlotte !! Lucky you. Lucky doggies. XO

Ledger D'Main
12/14/2010 05:50

Faces only a mother could love…;-)

12/14/2010 06:57

They look great! :-)

12/14/2010 11:47

Karen, Ledger, and Roy, thanks! They are great, I’m so in love with them and it is reminding me how wonderful it is to have pugs in the house. Now, if only I could convince my kitties of this…


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