Update on My Son

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers for my son.  He had surgery this morning to clean out the area of the cat bite down to the bone and repair the tendons.  That seemed to be necessary to get the infection out once and for all.  So, at long last it appears he'll be going home tomorrow.  Yay!

This is a cautionary tale for sure: cat bites can be very, very dangerous.  I had no idea.  While I was pretty certain everything was okay, I had a couple moments of panic along the way (he's been in the hospital since early Sunday).  I mean, what if he had to get his arm amputated.  Yikes.  What really freaked me out is that usually they are pushing you out of the hospital as early as possible, so when they kept not releasing him I started to get worried.

But I've seen with my own two eyes that the infected area is much, much better and I'm certain he's on the mend.

Thanks to everyone, I have the BEST readers in the whole world!


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