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Water the Bamboo

So, forgive me, but every human being who lives in Oregon is caught up in Duck fever at the moment.  In case you've been on retreat in a snow cave, that's because we're playing Auburn in the BCS National Championship game tomorrow night.  Go, Ducks. This morning, I read yet another story about the Ducks […]

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WTD: Win The Day

After a very long and torturous journey involving a four-hour drive and then an endless plane ride (but at least I didn't get stuck overnight in Houston) I made it home at 11 PM Friday night, which was 2 AM in the time zone I left that morning. Fortunately, this was just in time to […]

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Trust Versus Foolishness

Two experiences with the GPS system in my rental car: 1. I'm driving to Nashville on Friday night to pick up a friend at her condo and go to dinner.  Gertie, which is what I've named my GPS, tells me to take a freeway route that does not look at all familiar to me.  But, […]

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