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A New Lit Magazine and Some Odds and Ends

A new literary magazine that you should check out is debuting soon.  It is called Knockout, and I got an email from the editor, Brett Ortler, telling me about it.  The first issue, due out in in October, is devoted to poetry, and as far as I’m concerned none of us can ever do enough to support poets. 

Poets are the true wordsmiths in our society and they do it all for little respect and less money.   Knockout has National Book Award winners, former poet laureates, and unpublished poets in the first issue.

The other great thing Brett is doing is donating half the money from the first issue to Sudanese relief organizations.  Cool, huh?

So go here and subscribe, or at least buy an issue.  I’m going to.

In the odds and ends department, next week is September, in case you didn’t know, and I’m feeling like the long, slow, dog days of summer will come to an abrupt halt and it will time to ramp everything up again.  Really?  Yes, really.

So, in terms of ramping up the blog, I’ve been thinking about doing another series.  Does anyone have any particular writing topics they would like addressed?  Oh, and what about writing exercises–yay or nay?

Just asking.

0 thoughts on “A New Lit Magazine and Some Odds and Ends

  1. Writing Nag

    Yea on writing exercises! and thanks for the new market info. As far as writing topics, do you have something on finding your niche as a writer?

  2. Charlotte

    Thanks, Writingnag (I love the concept of your blog so much), I will ponder that great topic and come up with something on it for you. And I’ll post some more exercises, too!

  3. RennyBA

    Knocking good recommendations!

    Fall already? Where was the summer? LoL

    Yea to writing exercise – Topic: how about ‘how to find your right personal post style and how to stick to it and not get carried away?’

    Wishing you a great end to your week:-)

  4. Charlotte

    Another great idea, Renny, I’ll add it to my list–though I don’t think you need any help along those lines.

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