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Another Award!


This is the coolest thing.  Walksfarwoman, at Kissing the Dogwood has awarded me the Inspirational Blogger Award!

Walksfarwoman has a gorgeous site and you should visit and read her philosophy page after you find out who I have given these awards to.  Oh, and before I forget these awards are the inspiration of Christy Z at Writer’s Reviews.   You can read about the Writer’s Review Inspiration Awards on this post.


Just had to put the award button in again, because it looks so cool, and I want to bathe in its glow a bit longer.  Ahhhh…….

Okay, I’m here, really I am.  And now, of course, after thoroughly basking in my glory, it is my honor to pass the award on to five other bloggers.  This is the fun part!  And the really hard part, too.  I’ve met so many amazing bloggers in the last couple months, especially on Blog Catalog. 

As you will see if you read Christy’s post about the award, it is really comprised of several different awards, which I can pass on at my discretion.  So, here goes:


The Creative Blogger Award goes to ShirleyTwoFeathers at Mandala Madness.  Shirley maintains not one, not two, but five, count ’em, five blogs.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Mandala Madness is my fav, though, and it is full of beautiful images and good info.  Go download her Cosmic Chalice image for your desktop wallpaper.  Go, now. We’ll wait for you.

Back now and ready for the next one?


An Inspirational Blogger Award to Karen Mason at Nameless Grace, because she so beautifully publishes the stories of other writers, and because she is bent on world domination through her Starfire World Syndicate network.  Oh yeah, and she also has this great blog on dogs, which I love even if she doesn’t have any pictures of pugs on it.


A Thoughtful Blogger Award to Kim Darrell, who also maintains multiple blogs, including Life’s Like That, and Thinking Outloud, because she spends hours doing reviews of other blogs and sometimes people don’t even thank her for it.  So here’s a huge thank you in the form of an award, Kim!


Another Thoughtful Blogger Award to the wonderful and amazing Renny at Renny BA’s Terella, the most wonderful and amazing blog about Norway.  A friend just visited Norway and said it was much like the gorgeous country we have here in the Pacific Northwest, so maybe that is why I like to hang out at Renny’s blog so much.  But it’s also because he is a thoughtful and helpful blogger, who told me about the Blogging to Fame site, and also once looked up how many Jensens (because it is my mother’s maiden name) there are in the Scandanavian countries!  Now that is thoughtful. 

While we are giving Renny an award, let’s hop on over to the Blogging to Fame site and vote for him, shall we?

Done with the voting and ready for the last award?


Another Inspirational Blogger Award to Vienne (don’t you just love that name?) at Eavesdrop Writer.   She is so cool that she already got the Creative Blogger variation of this award.  But I just had to give her another, because this is the best idea for a writing blog ever.  It’s full of ideas and inspirations, all from things that Vienne has overheard.  Plus, she’s been great about supporting me, doing nice things like listing me as one of her favorite blogs in a Blog Catalog discussion.  So go read her blog right now!

Be sure to go check out every single one of these blogs, because they are all worthy of your time and energy. 

0 thoughts on “Another Award!

  1. Vienne

    Big thanks to you, Charlotte! I so appreciate this award and it means even more coming from a professional like you. I hope you continue to like what I hear! Vienne

  2. Charlotte

    Kim and Vienne, You guys both deserve this award big time!


  3. Kim

    Thank you so much Charlotte!!! Have a told you lately how awesome you are?? Thanks again.

  4. shirley twofeathers

    Thank you so much! Thank you. Thank you! I look forward to exploring all the other blogs too.

    Smiles and hugs,

  5. RennyBA

    Aawwww Charlotte, I’m blushing because of all your nice words about me and Norway and my blog – it’s an honor!
    You know I always likes to visit yours to, to get inspiration to go on writing. Your on my blogroll too now (should have been a long time ago!).

    Your collection of other honored blogs was great too – always good to meet new and interesting bloggers – thanks!

  6. Charlotte

    Renny and Shirley, you both have beautiful and deserving blogs and it is my pleasure to honor you.

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