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It is Beautiful Here In The Great Smokies, And I Now Know What Ekphrasis Means

At least I think I know.  But you will have to wait a bit for erudite me to enlighten you on that, because first you must suffer through an update of my travels.

I’m in Gatlinburg, at a beautiful resort perched on the side of a mountain (well, they call them mountains in these parts, but, well, out west….oh, never mind).  The reason I am here is to write, and by that I mean write write, ie, work on my novel.  And I am going to do that, yesiree Bob.  Despite the fact I have two, count ’em, two copywriting assignments that came in at the last minute.

Ah well, I shall deal. 

And now, for the fried food Nashville report.  I have now completed the definitive tour of Meat ‘N Threes in Nashville, having visited Carolyn’s on Friday, which is fish day.  I can’t link to Carolyn’s because, trust me, it does not have a website.  It does not even have a sign. It is on the ground floor of the Sunday School Publishing Building, the one with the pretty blue squares on it. 

The ladies at Carolyn’s boss you around a little, and you really want to listen to them and do EXACTLY what they say.  Otherwise, I don’t know what might happen.  But, I will say, the Mac and Cheese (remember it counts as a vegetable in the south) is to die for.  My other favorite Meat ‘N Three, Varallo’s (or maybe it is Vallaro’s, I always get it confused) is closed for remodeling so I couldn’t go there.  I really don’t think Carolyn’s is going to be remodeled anytime soon.  Nosiree.

Oh, by the way, if you lock your keys in the car on James Robertson Parkway on the way to Carolyn’s, and you call AAA to come rescue you, if you are really lucky, the AAA guy will not only help you out but he will do even more.  Like perhaps profess his love.  But only if you are really lucky and highly lovable.

Other highlights of my time in Nashville were visits to Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, a quick spin through Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop, where Candace bought me a Nashville bumper sticker on condition I really, truly put it on my car, the traditional Sunday morning breakfast at Monell’s, and visits with all my wonderful friends and their various assorted children and S.O.s.

And this fried food travelog took so long I don’t even have time to write about what ekphrasis means, or how I learned it, or the actual writing event that was one of the reasons I went to Nashville in the first place.

So, more tomorrow.

By the way, corn pudding counts as vegetable, too.  So do mashed potatoes.  And red beans and rice.  And so do grits. And I am sorry, but you just CANNOT convince me to like grits, no matter how they are classified.

0 thoughts on “It is Beautiful Here In The Great Smokies, And I Now Know What Ekphrasis Means

  1. Vienne

    This area sounds fantastic and you make me want to visit with your description of the food alone! I can just imagine the atmosphere in Carolyn’s. I am certain I would love it.

  2. Roy Burkhead


    It was wonderful seeing you this weekend in Tennessee. And while I was feeding Eryn this morning at 4 a.m., I am sure she was missing you, as well. :-)

    Write like the wind my friend!

    All my best, Roy

  3. Susanne in Key West

    It sound’s like you had a good time there! :-)

  4. Charlotte

    Hey Roy and Susanne and Vienne, Wish you were all here to enjoy the Great Smokies with me! Roy, give that adorable baby a kiss for me and tell her to quit waking you up so much.


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