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It is September 11, Do A Good Deed Today

Wait, what?  It is September 11, isn’t it a day of gloom and doom?

Not anymore.  There’s a movement afoot to make this day, the anniversary of one of the worst days in our nation’s history, into something positive.

The idea is to focus on the humanitarian outpouring that followed the September 11th attacks, not the awful attacks themselves.  There is a grass-roots movement afoot to make September 11 Good Deeds Day.

You can go to the Good Deed Day page and make a pledge as to what your good deed for the day will be.  There you can also read what others have pledged to do.

If you’d like to learn more about the movement, including how its been endorsed by Congress, you can read the news article here.

So, here’s my good deed for the day.  Actually, its not only for the day, but forever.  I’m no longer going to yell at other drivers.  I pledged to work on my propensity towards road rage after I heard the Dalai Lama speak a few years ago and I’ve not worked very hard at it.  So I’m going to start over and try again.  I just don’t think the world needs any extra anger in it, especially over something so trivial as our driving habits.

0 thoughts on “It is September 11, Do A Good Deed Today

  1. badthing

    Oh Charlotte this is fantastic. Just FANTASTIC! Thank you for posting this. I can’t wait to go to the site!!!!!!

  2. Charlotte

    It really is the coolest thing, isn’t it? I love the way they have taken an awful day and turned it into something positive.

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