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Writing and Self-Publishing

Well, you know what they say, great minds think alike. 

Today my writing colleague Anne Waymans sent out her newsletter, and guess what the topic was?  Yup, self-publishing in general and I-Universe in particular.

Read it here.

0 thoughts on “Writing and Self-Publishing

  1. Fernando

    Vem no meu cantinho sempre que puder tá.
    Fica na paz.

  2. Charlotte

    How I wish I were bilingual, but I’m not. Anybody want to give lame English-speaking only me a translation?

  3. […] It is worth it to go back to those posts, not to read my brilliant words, but to check out the comments.  Hey, there’s even one in a language I don’t understand!  You can read the posts here and here. […]

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