Writing: Things to Ponder On a Cloudy Sunday

At least it is cloudy where I am, but y’all probably live in warmer and sunnier climes than us poor, pale, Northwesterners. 

At any rate, I am about to rearrange my office.  I dragged a very old table out of the basement of my 90-year-old mother’s house and it is going to be a table to put my laptop on when I’m not using it.  Because, I do not write like normal people, with the computer on a desk.  Oh, no, when I write, I hold the computer on my lap.  Not sure if this is ergonomically correct, but it is how I love to write.  And having a table to put it on will give me my desk for the papers and notebooks which otherwise get piled on the floor.

This rearranging project entails closing down my computer and unplugging things left and right and so I decided, of course, that I needed to do a blog post first. 

I’m not procrastinating, no, I’m not.

As I procrastinate rearrange my office, I am going to ponder backstory dumps.  And after I am done pondering, and rearranging my office, I will report back on where my ruminations have led.

Backstory dumps.  What everyone should be pondering on a cloudy Sunday.

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  1. I often ‘rearrange my office’ too. Quite often. It’s a really bad habit, wish I could stop being such a procra- *cough* ‘rearranging addict’.

  2. I know. And then after you’ve rearranged, it is important to sit for awhile and orient yourself in the new space, don’t you think? 🙂

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