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It’s Nanowrimo, Day One, Do You Know Where Your Words Are?

Because I can’t seem to find mine.

Despite my plans to the contrary, I did not begin a new novel for Nanowrimo this morning, as I did two years ago on this date.  Why?  Because I’ve been neck-deep in revising that novel that I started two years ago on this date and as I’ve been doing the final changes, I simply couldn’t wrap my brain around a different story.

Now, there are a lot of excuses to not write that I call BS on.  Like, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough talent, I don’t have enough whatever.  And I am a bear about getting on you if you’re not taking time to do the thing you love best in the world–write.

So I should practice what I preach. 

And I do.  However, this is the one excuse that I will tolerate–a head so wrapped up in one story that you can barely remember the names of your children, let alone start another.

So I hope you will excuse me too.

I’m really excited about the next novel that I want to start this month, so I’ll get to it ASAP.  The challenge is going to be refilling the well over the next couple of days so that I can start a new project.  I need to spend some time reading, walking, knitting–cleansing my palate so to speak.

Oh yeah, and there is the small matter of a few copywriting assignments to deal with, also. 

How are all you Nanowrimoers doing? 

0 thoughts on “It’s Nanowrimo, Day One, Do You Know Where Your Words Are?

  1. RennyBA

    No problem, your excused and we are looking forward to the next colorful painting on your clean palate 🙂

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  2. Zhu

    As long as you know you have no real excuses, I think people understand 😉

    I know first-hand that revising novels is very time consuming though… makes you doubt about your talent sometimes !

  3. Charlotte

    Hey Renny and Zhu, I feel better already after having been excused by both of you. Thank you!

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