It’s Nanowrimo, Day One, Do You Know Where Your Words Are?

Because I can’t seem to find mine.

Despite my plans to the contrary, I did not begin a new novel for Nanowrimo this morning, as I did two years ago on this date.  Why?  Because I’ve been neck-deep in revising that novel that I started two years ago on this date and as I’ve been doing the final changes, I simply couldn’t wrap my brain around a different story.

Now, there are a lot of excuses to not write that I call BS on.  Like, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough talent, I don’t have enough whatever.  And I am a bear about getting on you if you’re not taking time to do the thing you love best in the world–write.

So I should practice what I preach. 

And I do.  However, this is the one excuse that I will tolerate–a head so wrapped up in one story that you can barely remember the names of your children, let alone start another.

So I hope you will excuse me too.

I’m really excited about the next novel that I want to start this month, so I’ll get to it ASAP.  The challenge is going to be refilling the well over the next couple of days so that I can start a new project.  I need to spend some time reading, walking, knitting–cleansing my palate so to speak.

Oh yeah, and there is the small matter of a few copywriting assignments to deal with, also. 

How are all you Nanowrimoers doing? 

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No problem, your excused and we are looking forward to the next colorful painting on your clean palate 🙂

Wishing you a great end to your week!


As long as you know you have no real excuses, I think people understand 😉

I know first-hand that revising novels is very time consuming though… makes you doubt about your talent sometimes !


Hey Renny and Zhu, I feel better already after having been excused by both of you. Thank you!