This Appears to be My Week For Attention…

…and I’m basking in it.  Grapes, more grapes please.  And could you bring me some chocolate also?  No, I prefer red wine, thank you.  A foot rub would be nice.  And there’s a wee little sore spot on my back…

No, I guess its not that kind of attention.  Damn.

But this kind is just as good.  My buddy Mark over at the Uncanny Broadcasting Brain Blog (he says his sense of humor is on back-order and he’s working with what he’s got, but with a title like that I don’t believe him) gave me a mini-review in his Featured on Fridays post. 

Pretty good stuff, eh? (He’s Canadian so I can use that eh? at the end of the sentence.)

Thanks, Mark!

And guess what?  It’s not over yet.  I have it on good authority that more attention will be lathered upon moi, the one and only moi.  But you’ll have to check back to find out about that.

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  1. I’m neither American, British, Irish, Caribean, Mexican or other Latin American or an Aussie, or a European, South American, Chinese or other Asian, South Polian (S. Pole), Moonian, Martian, or Oceanian, therefore I must be a Canadian too, eh!

  2. The Canadians are attacking, eh?
    Actually, I love you guys–my neighbors to the north. I’ve often heard Portland described as a Canadian-type city.

  3. Oops Charlotte, just saw your comment. It’s only pronounced “aboot” if you live in Ontario or west of there.

    In Atlantic Canada, it’s pronounced “abowt”. Or at least it is where I live. But then again I think our local accent is a cross between a Texas drawl and a lower class British accent. Which makes no sense at all, but it is descriptive.

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