New Year’s Resolutions

I was reading my friend Deidre’s blog, and she has posted all the things she is going to do in 2008, and I am thus inspired to write my own list.   

Last night on New Year’s Eve, I posted all the goals I had for my blog.  Since this is supposed to be a writing blog, I won’t bore you with my personal goals but I’ll give you a hint–one of them is probably the same as nearly every woman in the country, if not the world–lose weight.  And the other is to meditate more and continue learning about Zen and spirituality.  But that’s enough.  Let’s talk about writing goals.  Here are mine:

  • Publish Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior.  This is a bit difficult because it is pretty much out of my hands.  I’ve already written it and we all know that the publishing world is a total crap shoot.
  • Do less copywriting.
  • Do more editing for Loose Id, and gather up more students.  Let me know if you are interested. 
  • Try my hand at writing erotic romance.  It is so much fun to read and edit it; I bet it is just as fun to write.
  • Create online classes for writers. 
  • Write another mainstream novel.
  • Write more short stories.
  • Write more in general.  The world is simply a better place when I am writing regularly.

What are your resolutions for writing in 2008?

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  1. My only new year resolution is not to make any new years resolutions, because, if I know me – and I do – I will break every one of them and make myself depressed for doing so!

    So, this year – I’m not going to be depressed because I’m not going to make any resolutions, plain and simple!

    And that’s the smartest thing this dummy has ever done!

    Happy new year and lots of publishing success.

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Bloggy of the Year in the writing category:

    For some reason, when I click on my ‘Posted by: Don’ in your comment section – it takes me not to my site, but to a religious site?????

    Must be some kind of a bot or something, but ‘My 2 Cents 4 the Day’ is hardly a religious site.

    Hope you win!

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