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I Am Not Alone in my David Cook Worship

Honest, I’m getting back to writing soon.  But c’mon, huge cause for celebration–David Cook won American Idol last night!  By 12 million votes!

This gives me faith in America.  Perhaps even enough faith to start to hope that we might even elect Obama come November.

I think the judges actually did David Cook a favor on Tuesday night when they drooled over the Pipsqueak David Archuleta, because it made innocent people like me angry.  And that made me actually pick up my phone and text votes for David, and embarrassing number of times.  But hey, it worked.

And just this evening, I learned that I am not the only woman of a certain age who has fallen hard for David.  We are called “Cougars for Cook.”  Read the article about it here.  (Whoops, apparently Yahoo unarchived this link, sorry!)

And read my original article about David Cook here.

Now that the show is over, we can now return to our original topic.

0 thoughts on “I Am Not Alone in my David Cook Worship

  1. Susanne Van Hulst

    I was voting for him too, Charlotte and I made a big jump on the sofa when he won!!!! He deserves this title – and nobody else.:-)

  2. rebecca

    great, now i’m a cougar..LOL! yes, i agree with you on all points re. the show and the judges, and though this season was so-so, i stuck it thru because there was something about cook that was just so appealing. and each week you could see he grew more as an artist. he has a very nice voice, i think will be as big as daughtry, but so much cuter! he is a hottie, isn’t it? for me, it was the his quiet, mature demeanor that got me…oh, those quiet ones always get me!

  3. David

    I did the same embarrassing flip over Jordin Sparks last year and am still a big fan although it has diminished a little with time. And David Cook has made it easier. He really won me over during the spring. He is a very cool guy. When he sings Eleanor Rigby is starts off key and still manages to do one of the greatest performances ever on AI.
    He is going to be great. And he is already trying to reach out to all of us.

  4. Charlotte

    I’m so impressed with the way he has handled himself post-Idol. (I know, I know, its barely been a week.) And he’s got like 17 songs on the digital download chart! I think he’s going to be huge, as big as Carrie Underwood.

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