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This is What It’s All About

My embarrassing obsession with American Idol, and specifically David Cook, continues. 

Its very unlike to even watch TV in the first place, but here I am, watching this stupid show every week.  I can't even really figure out why–Paula's a ditz, Simon is cruel and Randy has a penchant for bad slang.    Plus Ryan Seacrest is swarmy and the whole thing is sort of cheesy.   Last night they all essentially crowned the pipsqueak David Archuleta as the next American Idol, even though America had not yet voted.

But today as I was doing my daily surf on the internet I found an article in which the two Davids critiqued each other's performances and talked about their song choices. 

David Cook said, "Winning's never been what's driven me about this competition.  For me it's just been getting to do something I love for a large audience, which is a trip."

That's what its all about, as far as I'm concerned.  Getting to do something you love–and if you get the large audience, so much the better.  I've admired him all season for his artistic integrity and I admired that he stuck with it last night, choosing new songs instead of falling back on the tried and true and, dare I say it, trite, like David Archuleta singing "Imagine."  Don't get me wrong, I love that song, but c'mon, we've heard the pipsqueak's version of it already.

David Cook epitomizes creativity and integrity and its been a pleasure to watch him this season.

Read the entire article here.

3 thoughts on “This is What It’s All About

  1. Lori

    OK – so how happy are you tonite?
    I must tell you that my daughter is SO in love with David Cook that she now thinks YOU are the bee’s knees to post about him yesterday. And in the same post that mentions her mother – even if I am a distant second.
    Her scream was so loud when they announced the winner I’m surprised you didn’t hear her 4 states away!

  2. Don

    Personally, like you, I rarely, if ever, watch tv and that includes American Idol. I saw David, or little David, as I call him, on a news clipping and I thought, for a 17 year old boy, he wasn’t bad, so I hoped he would win, but sadly he didn’t!

    As far as Big David (David Cook, of course) I can’t say anything good or bad – because I never heard him sing, or see him perform.. That said, since he won and since you praised him so much, I’m sure that he is a great guy that I will eventually get around to checking into.

    I must say, that I like his attitude of performing for the love of performing, rather than for money, fame, etc., two things that have always, some how, been outside of my grasp.

    So, congratulations to both both little and big David’s; I’m sure that both will do fine as artist’s because of the fame that they have achieved.

  3. […] A reminder of my obsession about David Cook.  How quickly we move on to other things.  But no doubt I will buy his CD when it comes out in the Fall. […]

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