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Patting Myself on the Back

And may I now direct your attention to the right of this post, to the brand spanking new sign-up box? 

I'm very excited to offer you a free report, 100 Questions to Jump Start Your Writing, when you sign up for me newsletter.

There's good reason to do this, because it will be full of information about upcoming events, writing (ya think?) and also news about forthcoming products from moi, such as an Ebook I am about to publish called Set The Words Free.

The main reason I'm patting myself on the back, however, is that poor little ole un-techy me actually figured out how to create an autoresponder and sign-up box all by myself.  I subscribed to Aweber, and if any of you need to create newsletters, autoresponders, or marketing campaigns for your sites or blogs, I highly recommend them.   They have great, clear, step-by-step directions that you can print out and follow along.  Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can.  It actually was kinda fun. 

Now I really love getting emails saying that people have signed up so humor me and do it.  I promise, promise, promise that your information is safe with me and will never get out of my clutches.  They'll have to kill me before I divulge your information, I swear it!

Okay, I might not be willing to defend your email address to my death, but close.

Please note: if you signed up on the old sign-up form I had, please re-sign-up.   Aweber is very picky about what addressed they will let you import, as well they should be, so it is easier just to start fresh.  Besides, though it pains me to admit, there weren't that many of you.

Now that I'm offering something for free, I feel certain you will sign up.  Right? Am I right?  Prove me right!

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