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Um, About Those Ads on This Blog…

I don't necessarily agree with them, okay?  Google Adsense puts them up and you know Google and their spiders, they crawl around and pick up keywords and choose ads accordingly.  If you have Gmail, you know how creepily accurate their spiders are–whatever the topic of your email conversation is, the ads are tailored accordingly.

So apparently my blog post about Jill Biden being a writing teacher has attracted some ads for people I don't necessarily support.  People whose names start with M and who think that women will vote for any ole woman, doesn't matter if she only has 20 months of experience as a governor and before that ran a town that had as many moose as people in it.

And of course, now that I'm writing about Jill Biden again, I'm just going to make the situation worse and the spiders will crawl again and there will be more ads. 

So just know that I support free speech and all that and I never would have written about Jill Biden in the first place were she not a writing teacher, but I don't have anything to do with the ads that run on this site.

And while we are at, can we all focus on what is truly, truly important tonight and send our love and thoughts and prayers to people all along the Gulf Coast who are facing Gustav? 

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