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7 Ways To Ruin a Writing Session

I want to make it perfectly clear that I have never, ever, not once, done any of the things on the following list.  No, not me.   I know some people who have, though, and they told me these things.  It was yesterday, during the time I had set aside to work on my novel, when suddenly I got the idea to write this blog post.  So I emailed those people and when they weren't available, I called them all.  Here's what they told me:

1. Don't plan ahead.  Don't have any idea what you are going to write about, or what chapter you want to work on. 

2.  Don't reread your work ahead of time.  Don't look at the chapter you most recently finished to keep it fresh in your memory. 

3.  Open all of your email inboxes so that you can constantly check for new mail while you are writing.  Then be sure to take time to answer every single email that comes in right away–the second it comes in is best.

4.  Keep all of your favorite websites open so that you can constantly switch over to them.  You never know when breaking news will happen now, do you?

5.  Keep your phone next to you, keep it turned on, and whatever you, answer ever call that comes in during your writing session.  Every single one.   That telemarketer is lonely, so lonely, and just waiting to talk to you.

6.  Drink a lot of water, so you have to get up and go to the bathroom a lot.  Then, on the way back from the bathroom, you can veer into the kitchen to fix yourself a snack.

7.  Realize that you have now eaten too much and are a slug.  Decide that taking a walk will help the slug situation and clear your head for writing.

If you have any other things that you would like to add to this list, please feel free.

0 thoughts on “7 Ways To Ruin a Writing Session

  1. Karen H.

    Hilarious. I have committed more than one of these errors. Stop by my blog and see my cartoon on procrastination and using the Internet. 🙂

  2. Doug Barone

    Like I needed more ideas to add to my procrastination handbook…lol

    (Seriously: nice list)


  3. Derek

    Never, never, never done any of those things? I was just wondering if anybody admit it if they had? It wasn’t me was it? Nah, can’t be. Not all 7 at once anyway! LOL.

  4. Bill

    Lol…I can identify with all of them. My friend actually told me about a brain vitamin for writers called Foculate so I tried it and it seems to work….although maybe a placebo. I had horrible creative constipation and it got the creative juices flowing. It’s basically a bunch of B vitamins and herbal supplements that gets blood flow to your brain so it wakes you up. It did help me focus though and gave me mental stamina. It’s part of my writing ritual now…..lock and load…lol!

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  6. Roy Burkhead

    outrageous! 🙂

  7. burning windmill

    im guilty everyday of all of them 🙁

    replaced water with coffee of course

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