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In the Election Day Department of Odds and Ends

It's election day, in case you hadn't noticed.  Have you voted?  Or, if you live in Oregon, have you taken your ballot in (we have vote by mail only here). If not, what are you doing reading this blog?  Go get in line to vote.

I'm alternately biting my nails and cautiously optimistic.  Fortunately for me and my work load, I won't be home today, because if I were, I'd be on the Huffington Post and other websites obsessively all day long.

Before I leave however, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things.

First of all, The Institute for the Future of the Book is starting "an experiment in close reading" beginning November 10th. They are pairing women, one in her fifties or sixties with one in her twenties or thirties, to read Doris Lessings' The Golden Notebook.  You can read about the experiment here, and let me just say that I'm onboard because Harriet Rubin is one of the readers and she is awesome.  If you are going to read along, you might want to order your book now, though it is available online.  Or so they tell me, though I can't seem to find it.  You can, however, read more about the book here, for you young'uns who are not familiar with it.

In this morning's Oregonian, (yes some of us do read newspapers upon occasion) there was an article about this amazing local company that makes incredible journals out of old books.  Instead of sending them to the dump, Ex Libris Anonymous take vintage books and makes them into spiral journal.  Each journal is only $13 and you can choose from a bunch of them online.  This is so cool on so many levels that I almost can't stand it.

Watch this space for news of a contest.  Yes, a contest.  With books as the prize.  What could be better than that?  Not a lot, if you ask me.  Details soon….

Oh, and one more thing, stay tuned for news about the release of The Christmas Story, a fabulous anthology of, you guessed it, Christmas stories, with a story by none other than me included in.  Quel excitement!  More soon!

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