Merry Christmas

Snow 047

Or greetings of the season and whatever holiday tradition you celebrate.  I'm told that, astrologically, this moment in time is about letting go of the old and outdated, whatever no longer suits us.  Since none of my Christmas presents have been delivered, I'm letting go of my old expectations of the holidays and celebrating the fact that my entire family will be together.  That is far and away the most important thing. 

And so, on this Christmas Eve, I wish all of you the merriest of Christmases full of joy and love and peace.  Igor the pug does, too, though he is a bit worried about the lack of presents under the tree.

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  1. Linda R. Moore

    Merry Christmas. 🙂

    I generally don’t read every blog every day in any case so I hardly ever notice people’s absences. 😉

  2. You don’t need to be sorry at all – its Your blog and you decide what to do with it or when (although I must admit I know the feeling, but fight it every day LoL).

    So I hope you’ve had a good one with your closest!

    Mine was great and you can of course read (some of it) on my blog about Norwegian traditions – you know 🙂

    And yes; while I’m at it I wanne thank you for a great friendship in blogsphere and wish you all the best for 2008!

  3. Funny when I miss days .I am much like you it bothers the hell out of me…If I am blank and don’t have anything seems to be more acceptable to me than being just to busy….funny isn’t it…

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