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A Writer’s Diet: Slim Shots

Last week, Ray, my mailman, found me washing dishes in the kitchen.  He'd been knocking on the front door (haven't had a functioning doorbell in this house, ever) but I thought it was just the noisy construction guys around the corner, so I ignored the sound until he came around to the side door to roust me.

We chatted for a bit about the new roof and gutters (is there anything more boring to spend a small fortune on?) and then he handed me a package.  This was exciting, as packages are always exciting, but I didn't remember ordering anything so I was a bit puzzled.

Ah, but once I ripped the package open it all became clear. 

A month or so ago I got a mass email sent to bloggers, asking if they would like to review a diet product called Slim Shots.  Well, hell, I'm always up for experimentation with my body, especially if it means dropping a few pounds.  I sent off my acceptance, doubting that they would choose little ole me for the review, seeing as how I have a writing blog, not a dieting blog.  I never heard a thing more about it, until Ray delivered me package which turned out to be a one-week supply of Slim Shots.

What are Slim Shots?  They are a dietary supplement that helps to suppress your appetite.  As far as I can tell, they are at least not terribly bad for you, their main ingredients being palm oil and oat oil.  They come in little plastic packages, shot-size, amazingly enough.  You can drink them plain or add them to food or liquid.  For the first week, you drink one with breakfast and one with lunch, and then you graduate to just taking one with breakfast.

Dubious as I am about fad diets and miracle supplements, I kind of like these little guys. Thanks to the advice of my wonderful naturopath,  I've been working on the 80% full thing, which turns eating into a bit of a spiritual practice.  What you do is eat until you are 80% full and then quit.  Sounds easy, right?  But it is way harder than it sounds, because it forces you to seriously pay attention to what you are eating.  Half the time I'm gulping down a meal so I can get to the writing, or whatever else it is I want to do.  Or I'm eating with friends and family, and paying more attention to them to what I'm actually eating.  Figuring out when I'm full is difficult enough, but actually stopping before then is crazy hard.

So I think these Slim Shots help with that.  What I am not sure about is whether or not I'll actually pay for more of them.  They are spendy–did you think they'd be cheap?  And they make it cheaper if you do the auto-ship thing, which I've accidentally gotten hooked into before and very much regretted.  The auto-ship option is the default, so be very careful if you do decide to order.  My idea would be to order a month's supply to give my 80% full quest a boost and then take it from there myself. 

Because isn't it true that your stomach does actually shrink as you eat less, or is that just wishful thinking?  It is probably wishful thinking.  But I'm going with the idea, anyway…

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