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Friday Question

Friday is often a busy day for me.  For whatever reason, lately my entire afternoon has been taken up withDesi-question-mark-817928-l appointments.  And I just about always go out to dinner with family and friends on Friday night, because, I'll be honest, by Friday I really want a glass of wine.

And, for whatever reason again, I have committed to writing a blog post every weekday, Monday through Friday.  Most days it is not a problem.  But often I get to Friday and feel rushed and end up wanting to post something short-ish but not knowing exactly what to write.

And then it occurred to me that others have solved this problem already.  Some do a Friday quote.  Others do a guest post on Fridays.  Or post a funny picture.  Or something…

So here's the deal.  I'm asking you, my wonderful readers, for ideas of something short yet useful to you, that I could post on Fridays.  A photo?  A quote? (I've got tons of those saved up in random places.) A question pertaining to writing or creativity?  A prompt? A guest post? Favorite link of the week?  An idea for a creative project?

Gee, I have more ideas for this than I thought–that's what happens when you start writing stuff down.  But I want to know what would be useful to you, so have it and comment away.  Give me a new idea or vote for one of the ones I already mentioned.

Photo by desi.Italy, used under Creative Commons 2.5 license. 

0 thoughts on “Friday Question

  1. Julie Jordan Scott

    How about a question on Friday about plans/ideas/inspiration focusing on “the downtime” of the weekend?

    Simply a thought… 🙂

  2. Jacki

    I’m always a big fan of quotes.

    Or you could always have a Friday question that you post, and see if you can answer by Monday’s blog. And it could be anything from how a fruit cake might taste like or why finding a writing schedule can be difficult.

    Just a thought.

  3. Roy Burkhead

    How about a quick listing of some of the topics you are thinking about writing for the coming week?

  4. Derek

    I tend to have the same problem, not just Friday by every day! Sometimes something will come to me spontaneously and those usually tend to be my better posts. Of course there is no better or worse in Zen, just what’s so. I just had to get a bit of Zen in there again!!!

    I think that leaving a question, like you have done here today is excellent. Mind you, you have answered the question with ideas that come up because you wrote the question down. So you could say, “job done!” However….

    Friday could be “Picture Day” or “Trigger Day” where you put up a picture, headline or idea and then ask readers to match a story idea, or character that is triggered by the picture or headline.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    So far the consensus seems to be that some sort of Friday question would be good. I like that, because it gives me lots of latitude–as long as I come up with a question of some sort, I’m okay! I could also occasionally include a quote and ask a question about that.

    Roy, you give me more credit than I deserve. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write until I write it.

    I’m still open for suggestions…and if anyone has an idea for the name of the feature, feel free to leave it. I guess “Friday Question” is okay, just feels a bit blah.

  6. Elizabeth

    Prompts, favorite links, quotes (especially about writing).

    You could call the feature “Freaky Friday.”

    I like the question idea, too, but I’m evil and want it to be more personal, something like, “When was the first time you realized that you were an adult,” or “What does love taste like to you?”

  7. Elizabeth

    Oh, and what I mean is that readers get to ask YOU a question. Or, well, you could ask readers a question. ACK! Never mind. Ignore, ignore! Abort! Abort!

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    Elizabeth, I like that idea–personal question! A chance for readers to confess all! Thank you, great suggestion.

  9. Judy King

    Maybe this will get your creative juices flowing…I was asked to pass on the Kreativ Blogger award to my favorite seven bloggers…You won a place on the list, hands down.

    There’s a list of actions for you on my blog, including asking you to share seven things that not many people know about you. That might even make a Friday post!

    Take a look at this fun exercise at http://judysblog.mexico-insights.com

    PS…SO thankful your son-in-law is back on US soil.

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    Thank you so much, Judy, this is really cool!

    And thanks for the good thoughts about my son-in-law. He is on his way home from Texas right now.

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