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Guest Post: Authors Blaze Social Media Path

This is a guest post from my new Nashvillian friend Leisa Hammett, an amazing author, speaker, and disability advocate.  She dragged treated me to a five-mile hike on Sunday at Shelby Bottoms on a glorious Nashville day and we discussed blogging, writing and life.  More on that in a future post.  For now, enjoy her take on Social Media.  And visit her blog!

Social Media.
Why bother? If you are a writer in this millennium and even more
importantly, a book author, to not be doing social media is to be a
dinosaur. Jus' sayin'. And even if you are not a writer but
own a business or offer a service, social media is fundamental to your
marketing program as well. (If I could grab some of my beloved
nonprofits by the collar and shake this important message into them, I
would.) Social media is not just time-twiddling Facebook
fluff. It truly works in communicating your message and grooming
loyalty and drawing in patrons and earning consumers. If you
doubt–trust me. (And Facebook is not all fluff, either.)

So, my eyes are perpetually fixed on successful authors who are using social media to promote their work. Susan Gregg GilmoreLooking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen and the forthcoming The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove–is a superior example of working it to spread her message.

Last September I reviewed here Building a Home with My Husband by Rachel Simon, another writer to watch. In an e-blast from Simon, I received the following delightful and most clever video of her book.

Bravo! And, yes, an excerpt from yours truly's review is embedded. Rachel also has a new novel expected out spring or summer 2011. Like her books Building a Home with My Husband and Riding the Bus with My Sister,
Rachel's latest book either weaves into or directly focuses upon issues
affecting those with disAbility. The author's sister has an
Intellectual Disability and is the subject of Riding the Bus with My Sister , which was also made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame  movie starring Rosie O' Donnell and Andie McDowell.   

Hats off to Simon and especially newcomer (albeit not-so-new now) and trailblazer Susan Gregg Gilmore for clearing a path in this new terrain of must-do social media for writers and authors and others.

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  1. Leisa A. Hammett

    Thank you, Charlotte. I let Rachel & Susan know you reblogged. Our walk was cleansing!

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Thank you, Leisa!

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