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Your Book Is Your Business Card

Book_books_literature_261154_l When I wrote my post last week on Why You Need a Book, I gave a somewhat sketchy list of reasons (hey, I was low on time!) and promised to write more about each one if there was enough interest.  And, it turns out, there was.  So herewith are more information on the first three reasons you should write a book.

Your Book Is Your Business Card

As the title of this post implies, the book is the new business card.  Why is this?  For a couple of reasons.  Number one, a book tells a prospective client more about you in seconds than a business card does.  A book cover can communicate who you are and what the service or product is that you are selling.  And a book tells much more than that.  It tells that you have some oomph and stick-to-itness, that you have what it takes to sit down and put words on paper over and over again until a book emerges.

In our society of constant content, being able to put forth your message in a book is a valuable asset.  And if you're not a businessperson, but a writer who has always dreamed of writing a book, getting one published can be a huge boost to your career.  With a book under your belt, you can raise your fees.  You'll get the plumb job now, too.  Why?  That question leads to reason number two:

Instant credibility

Even in this age of the interwebs and immediate access to information, there's still something about a book that gives us heft and weight (and I do not mean body-wise, because that is not the kind of heft we are looking for).  A book communicates that you know whereof you speak, and that what you speak is not to be taken lightly.  Because, you know, you da bomb baby.  That's what people will think when you show them your book.  Books are magical in this way.  They make you into somebody: an author.  Which is even, to my ears, cooler than a writer.  And I think being a writer is about the coolest thing in the universe.

Source of Authority

Writing a book makes you a source of authority.  Suddenly, journalists and bloggers will call your for quotes.  Conference organizers will call you to speak.  Because, you know, you are the authority.  Don't tell them otherwise.  Kidding.  The truth is that you, yes little ole you, are the authority.  You wrote a book, didn't you?  And you spend hours and days and weeks and months researching it and learning in order to write it, didn't you? So you are the authority.

And this means that other people will want to learn from you.  Because authority sells.  It sells if you are writing an article, a blog post, a newsletter, or a brochure for your business.  But it especially sells if you write a book.  So be that authority and write the book.  The world needs your authority and it needs your voice.

I'll continue with the reasons why you should write a book later on this week.  But in the meantime, what about you?  Why do you want to write a book?  Or, if you've already done so, what kind of successes have you garnered from it?

0 thoughts on “Your Book Is Your Business Card

  1. Patty - Why Not Start Now?

    Book as business card. I like that. I never thought of it quite that way, Charlotte. Thanks! And I suppose marketing my biz would be a good reason for wanting to write a book. But knowing myself, that probably won’t motivate me. For me it comes down to wanting to say something that I think may help people to live more meaningful lives.

  2. Angela Artemis

    Charlotte, You’re such a prolific writer! I envy you. I bet you can spit out a book as fast as my cat can cough up a hair ball! I can’t seem to start. And, I know I have to since Books have become the new business card. 25 years of being an intuitive and I have a lot of stories to tell, but I find myself exhausted just writing the posts for my blog each week. How do you do it?

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Patty, When I work with clients, whether I’m ghostwriting or coaching them to write their book, the first thing we do is talk about connecting with Source in order to truly be in alignment with their message. A book without that is soul-less.

    Angela, I love the hairball analogy! Since you have so many wonderful stories already written on your blog, why not start there? Print those out and see what you have, then start stringing them together.

  4. Angela Artemis

    Charlotte, I think you’re a bit of a mind reader! I was laying in bed (ignoring the alarm) thinking of this very thing this morning. Thank you!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Angela, Yay! Go to it! And report back and let us know how it works.
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    Your Book Is Your Business Card – Charlotte Rains Dixon

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