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Follies: Festive Friday 3

Everystockphoto_148212_m In this week's Festive Friday post, we're going to consider the food your characters will eat at the Crazy Dance Party.

(What's a Crazy Dance Party? Why, I'm glad you asked.  You can read all about it here.  You'll find a complete list of the Friday Folly posts at the end of this one.)

So, let's get this party going.  Remember, answer these questions for your characters or for your own self.  A little introspection goes a long way toward self growth.

  • What will be served at the party?  Will it be organic, or vegan, or will there be lots of meat and more traditional accompaniments?
  • Does your main character–the one throwing the party–like to eat this way?  Or is she serving this food because she thinks her guest like it?
  • What's on the beverage list?  Is there alcohol?  (What kind of Crazy Dance Party doesn't serve alcohol?) Will it be limited so people don't get too drunk?  Or do these parties tend to be no-holds-barred riotous affairs?
  • What kind of morning-after will the refreshments create?  An alcohol hangover?  A sugar funk?  Or will everyone feel wonderful and happy because they had so much fun and ate and drank so delicately?

Okay, that's it for now, have fun at your Crazy Dance Party.  I'll see you there!

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