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Why You Need A Book

In the most recent edition of my newsletter, The Abundant Writer, I wrote a feature article called 7 Books_library_resources_267560_l Simple Steps to Write Your Book.  (For those of you who don't subscribe to the newsletter, there's a spiffy little box on the upper right-hand corner of this page.)  I based it on the new free report I'm working on.

But the thought occurred to me this morning that perhaps I should remind you why you need a book.  Because, in this day and age, everyone needs a book, whether it is an Ebook or good old-fashioned hard-cover book.  Why?  Let me tell you:

1. Instant credibility

2. Your book is your business card

3. Source of authority

4. Personal satisfaction

5. Share an important story with the world

6. Accomplish a lifetime goal

7.  Communicate with clients

8.  Boost income

If I had more time, I would go into each point in detail.  However, I am at the moment in Nashville, and constantly and happily getting distracted by friends and clients.  It's a tough life…However if there is enough interest, let me know and I'll expound on each of these points in future posts.  Y'all know how much I like to expound.

So what do you think?  Do you long to write a book?  Yearn to hear more about the benefits of writing a book?  Want to know how in the hell you write a book in the first place?  Do tell. Comments are open.

0 thoughts on “Why You Need A Book

  1. Hi Charlotte, I loved reading your newsletter today: the 7 Cs of writing a book. And your reasons lsited above as to why everyone needs a book are compelling. If you expound, I’ll tune in.

    Have a wonderful time in Nashville!

  2. Susan Abraham.

    I second Belinda’s sentiments and would definitely be eager for more, Charlotte.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Well, two’s a crowd as far as I’m concerned! Thanks you guys, I’ll expound farther (further?) on this topic next week.

  4. hipriestess4u

    Very much enjoyed this article I wrote a novel, and had it published now to get people to buy it that seems to be the major rub. I write scifi sundays withe hipriestess and put up a new story every weekend

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Hipriestess, thanks for letting us know about your novel and good luck with it.

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