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20 Aspects to New York City

Early tomorrow morning, I'm heading for New York City.  Five plus days in the Big Apple, fun times!  Here's the drill:

Who'll I'll see

1.  My sister, my traveling companion.

2.  My niece, student at Tisch NYU, the reason for our visit.

3.  My nephew (from a different sister) who I've not seen in years.

4.  Kate and Adam (child and husband of my friends Sue and Walt from Nashville).

Where we'll stay

5.  Hotel 17, in Greenwich Village.  Cool, huh?  I'm a little worried about the shared bathrooms, but life is an adventure.

What we'll do

6. Visit the Guggenheim.

7. Visit the Cooper Hewitt which is hosting the Design Triennial, which has exhibits of stitchery from Natalie Chanin, among other things, that I want to see.

8.  Visit the Cloisters, which I saw years ago and adored.  What's not to like about the unicorn tapestries?

9.  Visit MOMA, if we have time.  Both my sister and I have been there recently, so it is farther down the list.

10.  See the beloved niece's dance performances every night. 

11.  Hear jazz at the Village Vanguard.  I hope.

What I'm taking

12.  The Hole We're In by Gabrielle Zevin.  I'm three-quarters through it.

13.  The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  Can't wait to start it.

14.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by What's-his-name.  For my sister, I already read it.

15.  A very small knitting project with demon yarn in pretty colors.  Even if it is demonic.

16.  My journal.  Of course.

17.  My computer.  Tried my best to envision myself without it, but that didn't happen.

What I'm not taking

18.  The biography of Mark Twain I just bought.  This is killing me, but I'm trying to learn that I don't need to take five books with me when I leave for six days.

19.  My stitching project.  Too complicated for travel.

20.  Work.  Except for that one wee project I might work on while in the air. 

Lest you think my absence gives you an excuse not to read my blog, no such luck.  I've got posts pre-written and scheduled all week, including a fabulous guest post on Friday.  There are also cats involved.

0 thoughts on “20 Aspects to New York City

  1. Jessica

    I also have great difficulty judging exactly how many books I’ll need on a trip. I’ve got to factor in travelling companions picking up my book, becoming enthralled and not giving it back. Still haven’t found the perfect number.

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Jessica, I’m pretty sure this problem we share could be solved by an Ipad or a Kindle–then we could load books to your heart’s content!

  3. Jessica

    I think you might be right. I even found an application on iTunes which will allow me to read Kindle books on my iTouch. BUT Amazon won’t let me buy any e-books because I’m in China. Not a supported country. *Pout.*

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh sad, a world in which you can’t buy e-books!

  5. […] funny side note to all of this was that the weekend before, I was in Manhattan, as far as you can get on the eastern side of this continent.  And a mere week later, I was […]

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