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The Writer’s Loft at MTSU

The Writer's Loft at MTSU.

That, my friends, is a link to the awesome video that Janet Wallace just made for the Writer's Loft.  (Check out her blog post that also features the video.)

I haven't written about the Writer's Loft
in quite awhile.  The Writer's Loft is the distance writing program I
co-direct in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (for those of you not from the
area, Murfreesboro is about half an hour away from Nashville, the home
of MTSU, the largest university in Tennessee, which is where our program is housed).

Loft is a three semester certificate program in which you work
one-on-one with a supportive mentor, who not only reads your work, but
recommends books to read and helps to guide your course of study.  As
I've noted in this space repeatedly before, there really is no better
way to improve your writing skills.  Working one-on-one with a mentor
allows you time at home to write while still getting focused
instruction.  Our program is modeled on the brief-residency MFA
programs that have become so popular, although, as our founder, Roy Burkhead says, the Loft is an "MFA lite" program.

can sign up for the Loft and complete all three semesters and earn a
certificate in writing.  Or, you can take one semester if you need a
jump-start on a writing project, or perhaps need guidance to finish
something.  You can join the Loft and just continue to sign up,
semester after semester, which is what several of our students have
done.  They refuse to graduate and we love them for it!

There's been a lot going on in with the Loft lately.  My original co-director, Terry Price, has decided to spend more time on his writing and is now Director Emeritus.  I am pleased and proud to announce that Rabbi Rami Shapiro has stepped up to become my new co-director.  Rami and I have worked together at the Room to Write retreats and Path and Pen workshops.

I've written more about the Loft here,
and you can learn lots more about it by going to our website.  For
anybody in the area, or even close, think about heading to the MTSU
campus on September 17, when we feature workshops that our open to the
public.  This semester Whitney Ferre of Creatively Fit and Kathy Rhodes of the journal Muscadine Lines
will be doing workshops for us.  The price is $50, and you'll not only
have the benefit of the fabulous workshops, you'll get to meet
wonderful writers, including moi.  C'mon, I'd love to meet you in

And, of course, if you want any more info, just email
me.  My address is at the top of this page.  (Top left, I think.  I've
been rearranging things.) By the way, Janet Wallace, who made the video, is our new marketing expert.  She specializes in helping writers, authors, and other creative types with their marketing and social media.  Check out her blog here.

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