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3. Only Write/Writing Abundance,Connecting, Continued

This is the third post of a projected very long series and future info product whose name is still under consideration (hence the dual titles above).  For background on what's going on, read this post. You might also want to read about the Writing Abundance system that this series is going to cover in depth.  You can do that here.  All of the posts will be readily available in the sidebar to the right, at least until I introduce it as an info product.


In the last installment, I talked about the importance of connection.  Connecting with supportive friends and family, connecting with your readers, connecting with other writers.  But most importantly, connecting with something bigger than you–the universe, source, the divine, your ancestors, a plan to save the world.  Think about it: God (if you believe in God, and most people believe in some variation of God) created the world, and so when we create, we are then most in his image.  I first ran across that thought in Julia Cameron's book, the Artist's Way, and I've been totally enamored of it ever since.


Or, think of it this way: why do we write?  Well, for most of us it it to share, in some way or another, who we are.  The best writing gets way down to the deepest essence of ourselves.  Some might call it our highest selves.  And I believe that that higher self is connected with every single thing in the universe, including God.  So when we are writing, theoretically all we have to do is call upon that connection to the universe to access that higher self and put it on the page. Conversely, when we're not writing, when the stories are piling up inside us, we're denying our divinity, and invalidating the very essence of who we are.

And that, my friends, is why connecting is so important to the writer.  Connecting means being open to receive, take what you get from that openness and connection, transform it and gift it back to the world.  When you open the channels to receive, you open mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You are open to abundance, both in words and financially.  So, it will behoove you to find a way to regularly connect that is centered specifically around your writing.  Here's the basics, again:

1. Ask

2. Be open to receive

3. Act on what you get.

Easy, no?  I've even designed a movement by which you also get the body into action, always a good idea.  So stand up from your computer where you are reading this,  shake your ya-yas out, as we used to say, and let's do it.  You can also do a mental version of this same movement if you are at your desk and don't want people to think  you're nuts.  Then again, many writers often work alone, so it shouldn't matter.  Get your butt up, it will be good for you.  Here we go:

–With your arms at your sides, take three deep breaths. Slowly raise your arms above your head and feel the opening to the divine. Breathe deeply and feel the connection to your source; as you place your hands together and pull them down to your heart center imagine abundance, light, energy, and creativity pouring into you and filling your entire being.

–Now as you move your hands out from your body, allow that abundant creativity and energy to shine outwards into the world. Breathe deeply as you imagine your wonderful ideas, creations, and writing being shared with the world.

–Gently circle your hands around and bring them together again at your heart center, as you feel the energy of that abundance returning to you in gratitude, people reading and appreciating your work. Feel how their love fills you up again.

–Take a couple deep breaths as this new energy fills you up and linger for a moment on that feeling of fullness and abundance.

–Once again, feel the opening to God as you move your arms upward to the starting position and direct and share that abundant energy with your higher power.

–Repeat two more times. Do this movement every morning as part of your prayers or meditations. It’s great to do as part of stretching or your yoga practice. You can also use it as a focusing technique during the day, when you are transitioning to a writing session or you need to refocus after a distraction.

It is that simple and yet also very energizing.  It can be cleansing, too, a good thing to practice when you are moving between projects.

That's it for now. On Thursday, we'll talk some more about various methods of connection that you can use to support your writing habit.




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