Off I Go Again

I'm heading to LA tomorrow.  Coconuts_trees_tree_221641_l

Yep.  Swimming pools.  Movie stars.  Just like the Clampetts. 

Except I'll be working the entire time, attending a two-day business intensive that is part of the Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club.  Together with 98 other women, I'll be designing a plan for the next stage of my business.

Frankly, I'm terrified.  And excited, too.

Some days I just want to be a writer.  I am a writer, it is the basis of all that I do, every single thing.  But sometimes I want to go back to the days when that was all you had to do.  Before you needed to do nearly all the marketing for your career yourself. Before social media and coaching and blogs and websites.

Some days all I want to do is write novels.

And instead, I'm designing classes and products and writing newsletters and blog posts.  I'm coaching clients and critiquing student work and attending networking groups.

Truth be told, I love everything that I do.  I love all the extra stuff almost as much as I love writing, and I know that if I decided some day to stop it all and just write, I'd miss it.  (And of course, that day will never come, because the world has changed now.)

But still, some days I just want to write.  And that is good.  Because it is what drives everything.

A couple notes:

Patrick Ross has requested that I write a post on ghostwriting.  Meant to get to it today, but I ran out of time to do it justice, so expect this brilliant expose next week.

I'm taking registrations now for the Book Proposals That Succeed Teleclass.  It is going to be rockin' so don't miss out.  Check out the page here.

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  1. Charlotte, I hope you have a fun and productive time in Los Angeles. I admire you, the fact that you are “all in”. I think I told you about my trip to LA a couple of years ago. I walked from the Bonaventure Hotel to Angel’s Flight, the little railroad Michael Connelly wrote about in his book titled by the same name. While I wandered around trying to find it, I saw the Los Angeles Times building where Connelly worked. I believe that building is the one Superman flew over in the old TV series. I’m not sure I would recommend walking in a strange city, but I did it in the sunny middle of the day. No one bothered me in the least. I hope this trip helps you push your business up a notch or two.

  2. Thanks, J.D., I’m excited about it, and a little nervous, too. Usually when I’m in LA I’m way over in Pasadena, so this will be a bit different for me. One thing I love about LA is that it is so iconic–so many names we know from music, locations from movies, places from books. Love your story about searching out Michael Connelly spots.

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