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Promptitude: LA

As you are reading this, I'll in in LA.  Not lounging by the pool, even though I am staying in Santa Monica.  No, I'm at the first Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club Intensive, working my little tail off to come up with new and wonderful ways to serve my clients and readers.  Yes, you.

And since I am in LA, I figured LA-related prompts would be in order.  (You can go to my post from last week to get the links for all the prompt posts I've written.  I'm too busy being busy to relist them here.)

Ready? Here we go:

He was shocked that all the women looked alike.

Palm trees and blue sky mean home.

It never rains in California.

It is difficult and time-consuming to be beautiful.

There are way too many cars in the world.

"Everyone is rich, or should be," he said.

Amazing how ordinary celebrities look in real life.

The sun set over the Pacific.

She loved the ocean.

The sand felt dry and crunchy beneath her toes.

Have fun.  And if you get bored, check out my Book Proposal Teleclass, coming up soon.  You can read about it here.

0 thoughts on “Promptitude: LA

  1. Trisha

    Hope you’re enjoying L.A., I personally love the place! 😀

  2. J.D. Frost

    Ditto what Trisha said—not about loving the place but about hoping you’re having fun. I don’t know how far Santa Monica runs away from the ocean, in other words how big it is. I’m thinking it is quite narrow and tucked in there between Los Angeles and Malibu and shoved against the beach by Hollywood. Can’t you look north from the Santa Monica pier and see Malibu? If you went there for dinner, you might run into … Mel Gibson.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Trish and J.D., I had a great time but didn’t see much of LA because the intensive was, well, intense. Our hotel was about four blocks away from the ocean and the good thing was that we had a fabulous view of it from the conference room. I actually got to spend Thursday afternoon in Malibu with a screenwriting friend before the intensive started–and that was fabulous.

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