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Its Pretty Amazing: This Vision Board Stuff Works

So, you might be a bit like me (or a lot like me, since you are reading this blog). GotoImage

You might be like me in thinking that this vision board stuff is all well and good when it comes to applying it to a book that you're writing.  Because, book writing is a very visual thing, right?  And so finding pictures of your characters and settings is a great idea because it will help to visualize things for the writing.  And yeah, maybe you can see how having a visual reference could help you to not get stalled or, God forbid, blocked on your project.

But, vision boards for your life?

Um, maybe.  Except they take a lot of time.  I mean, you've got to leaf through magazines or do searches on Google and find just the right image.  And, honestly, who knows exactly what they want in life anyway?  So why bother?

I'll tell you why bother: because this shit works.  Excuse me for being profane.  But this shit works.  Let me tell you my little story.

This spring I took a class at church called the 4Ts Prosperity Program.  The 4 Ts class, created by the late Stretton Smith, is a spiritual approach to prosperity based on the 12-Step program.  Stretton encourages class members to set intentions for what they want in life and also make a vision board.  And so, I began the process.

And it took flippin' forever.  First I took an hour or so one Saturday afternoon to find images for what I wanted.  And then the pile of images sat on my desk for a few weeks, until I felt guilty enough had time to work on the vision board again.  And then when I started sorting through the images I realized I had way too many for one board.  So I ended up with three, count 'em, three vision boards: one for my spiritual goals, one for my temporal goals (if that's the correct usage of the word) and one for my travel goals.

Because, I love to travel.  And there are places I really, really want to go.  Like Hawaii, which takes up one-quarter of my travel vision board, and Africa, which takes up three-quarters of it.  I have wanted to go for Africa for years.  If you gave me one place I could choose to go above all else, it would be Africa.  And Hawaii would be second.

This travel vision board sits above my desk, with the board with the other worldly goals to its right side.  And when I'm gazing off into space (an important component of writing) my gaze often lands on the images of Africa and Hawaii.  And besides that, every morning I'd read my list of intentions, all 90 of them, with trips to Africa and Hawaii duly noted.

So, guess what happened?

First of all, the women at my church designed them a retreat next April on Maui, for an unbelievably cheap price which can be paid in payments.  So I signed up.  Kind of a miracle, no?  And then the real miracle happened.

A trip to Africa to write a book materialized.  For this November.  It is not final yet, we are working on the details, but it is looking pretty certain that it will happen.  I've been in a daze for days.  And when it does happen, I'll be blogging every night in this very space.  I'm so excited I could just pop.

So think good thoughts about the trip for me, would you?  And check out the website of the wonderful folks who are organizing the tour here.  You might even want to donate money to their cause, because they are building wells to provide fresh water in Ghana, some of which we'll be visiting and I'll be writing about.

Like I said, its still not all final yet.  But I've got great hope that it will happen.  So please hope and pray with me. 

* Photo by Wikimedia Commons, in the public domain

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0 thoughts on “Its Pretty Amazing: This Vision Board Stuff Works

  1. Patty-Why Not Start Now?

    Yay for you, Charlotte! I think vision boards also work when we don’t have a clear intention or know what we want. I had an experience of that recently. A few years ago I pulled some images that resonated with me, not knowing exactly what they were about (aside from being drawn to their beauty). I stuck them up on my bulletin board. Last month I walked by the bulletin board and stopped in my tracks – turns out the images reflected everything that was around me in my life, right now. It was sort of surreal. I hadn’t set out to create this or even known I wanted it, but there it was. My soul speaking. So now when I get back to blogging I’m gonna write about the lazy woman’s way to vision board, because maybe that shit works too!

  2. J.D.

    Congratulations, Charlotte. You will be quite the world traveler.

  3. Zan Marie

    Good Grief, Charlotte! That’s fantastic! I think I’ll have to think this vision board stuff through. ; )

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Patty, It sound to me like the lazy woman’s way of vision boarding totally works, too! I love that story! And I can’t wait for you to get back to blogging.

    J.D., Well, not compared to some, but this is a big trip for me, that’s for sure!

    Zan Marie, Note Patty’s comment–the vision boards work even when you’re not thinking it through!

  5. Hollymarie7

    That is wonderful Charlotte! What a powerful manifestor you are!! Of course those of us that are cardinal signs really know how to make things happen. 🙂
    Love ya lots,

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Miss Aries! I’m pretty excited! Love you, too!

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