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Announcing…Punch for Prompt

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you've probably noticed a new tab here.  It is called Punch for Prompt, and it's basically a place where you can punch a purple bar and get yourself a prompt.  And then another.  And then another.  A nearly endless supply of them, to be exact.  You can keep coming back and coming back and coming back and every time get a brand new prompt.  Cool, huh?




This all came about because I mentioned to Jessica Baverstock of Creativity's Workshop that I wanted to find a way to easily get prompts to people.  I love prompts and think they can encourage amazing writing.  However, the key to encouraging lots of amazing writing is having an endless supply of prompts.  When I discussed all this with Jessica, she brought up an idea she'd had–Punch for Prompt–and volunteered to write the code.  Of course, it took me about one second to say yes.  The new Punch for Prompt page is the result.

Now, before you do anything else, like choose a prompt, head on over to Jessica's blog because she's also featuring Punch for Prompt today and she's doing something way cool, I must say.  You'll have to find out what it is for yourself.  So go check it out.  Oh, and I must also mention her brother, Tristan Ward, a programmer of international repute, who also helped with writing the code.  Thanks, guys!

As a reminder, here's one way you can use a prompt:

1.  Punch for Prompt

2.  Choose a computer or pencil and paper

3.  Set a timer for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes

4.  Write without stopping or lifting your pen from the page

5.  Punch for Prompt again; rinse and repeat

Here are a few other posts on prompts:

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Promptitude: What Makes a Good Prompt

On Writing Prompts

Happy Writing!

Please comment.  Do you use prompts?  What are your experiences with them?

Create a successful, inspired writing life: Punch for prompt.  Follow the instructions above.  Remember, you can aim the prompt at your current writing project or work on something totally new and different.


0 thoughts on “Announcing…Punch for Prompt

  1. Zan Marie

    OOOOH! Charlotte, this is so neat! I’ll have to come by and try it…again…again…and again. ; )

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Let us know when you run out of prompts and we’ll add more. We only put, oh, over 200 in. I should say Jessica put them all in.

  3. Carole Jane Treggett

    Fantastic. A great collaborative effort from two gifted writers I admire AND happen to like a lot-a lot-a-heck-of-a-lot!

    I’ve been quite busy over the past week with getting a big project for a client done and finished. It launched today (watch me collapse from exhaustion lol) so after I get some sleep I’ll be eager to start punching to get some prompts and get some freewriting action going!

    Congrats to you both, Charlotte and Jessica (and a hat tip to your brother, Jessica) 🙂

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Carole Jane! I have to give props to Jessica and Tristan, they fiddled and wrote code and fiddled and wrote a lot to get it as awesome as it is! And congratulations on getting your big project finished!

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