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Guest Post: The Power of a Written Wish

Please welcome today's guest poster, Milli Thornton, who many of you will recognize from her wonderful thoughtful comments on this blog.  I'm excited to have her blogging here today!

The Power of a Written Wish Mill

by Milli Thornton

 As much as I love writing and words, sometimes words are just too left-brained to capture the magic. I guess that's why I've been feeling nervous about writing this post . . . I didn't want to take the uncanny out of what happened by trying to pin it down.

All I know is that I entered a contest here at Charlotte's blog where I was to name a wish – and my wish was granted.

(Is Charlotte magic?)

On July 16 our favorite Wordstrumpet posted It's My Birthday Week, and I'm Giving Someone a Present . To qualify for the prize draw readers were asked to do something whimsical and fun:

"If you could wave a magic wand and have anything in the whole wide world that you wanted for your next birthday, what would it be? Bear in mind, there's no limits here. You could have anything your little heart desires, such as a bestselling novel, world peace, the entire Amazon catalog in a wood-lined room, a Ferrari, a Grand Tour to Europe, and so on. I'm talking true, mad, deep desires."

The prize (eventually won by Carole Jane Treggett ) was a $20 Amazon gift card. Good enough reason to enter, right? Nobody really expected to have their wish granted, right?

I certainly didn't. Nevertheless, I took the time to get very specific with myself about what I would wish for if I could wave a magic wand. I wrote in Charlotte's comment section:

"If I could wave a magic wand right now, I would suddenly understand deep down in my soul (but also in a conscious way that is not at all mysterious or rollercoaster-ish) how to balance my over-achiever side with my 'I love my creativity and I love to have fun!' side while at the same time making the income I desire to make. Income from my writing and my creativity, just to be completely clear."

I just deleted the paragraph I started to write detailing how my wish has been coming true. It was starting to feel too much like capturing a firefly in a bottle. Because this entire thing hasn't unfolded yet, and I keep bumping down another level to find out it wasn't what I at first thought.

I call it "bumping down" because it keeps feeling like I'm falling off my own cliffs of preconceived notions. Every time that has happened since my wish-casting on July 16, I would feel confused and all out of sync – not to mention embarrassed that I wouldn't be able to write the post I promised to Charlotte. Realism would shift to surrealism and then back to a new reality.

I finally realized I was getting my wish, but it was going to take a while (like any good adventure) and it was going to explode most of what I thought I should be doing (or how I should be doing it).

If you happen to write a wish, and if you happen to have your wish granted, don't be surprised if it seriously messes with your comfort zones. And that's how you'll know you're getting the deepest possible version of your wish.

P.S. Despite my careful wording, it actually has turned out to be mysterious and rollercoaster-ish. But now I get it: that's better than something neatly sewed up and presented as a pre-packaged wish.


Milli Thornton is the author of Fear of Writing. She is owner of the Fear of Writing Online Course, where her mission is to put the fun back into writing. Milli blogs at Fear of Writing and Milliver's Travels and coaches writers at Writer's Muse.

0 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Power of a Written Wish

  1. Christine Eubanks

    “If you happen to write a wish, and if you happen to have your wish granted, don’t be surprised if it seriously messes with your comfort zones. And that’s how you’ll know you’re getting the deepest possible version of your wish.”

    Yeah right, sometimes the best part are not into your comfort zone but it’s outside.

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  2. Deonne


    I’m not sure I entirely understand what you’re going through (ha), but that’s what’s so intriguing about your post. I could use a little magic, a little roller-coasterish goodness right about now, so I’m going to do what you say. I’m going to write my wish – the real wish, the one I have to dig for – and see what happens.

    Thank you!


  3. Fear of Writing

    Yay, Deonne! I hope you enjoy the process of writing your wish.

    I just had an amazing day yesterday where more stuff unfolded towards my wish. I can’t say I understand yet how any of it fits together (or even how it will look in action), but I’ve decided to just relax and see what shakes out.

    I’ll be eager to hear what your wish brings out.

  4. Karen Phillips

    Your thoughts about “bumping down” makes a lot of sense of something my mother says “be careful what you wish for.” Great post, Milli. Thank you.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Indeed, pushing through that comfort zone can offer big rewards.

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Isn't Milli great?  Thanks for reading, Karen.

  7. Carole Jane Treggett

    Milli, this is an awesome post! I love how you truly honour the process of discovery of getting your wish granted, how open you are! I wish right now for the perseverance you show in ‘bumping down’ and staying on the writing roller coaster even though I feel oh-so-nauseous about the whole writing ride. But I must say I’m longing to feel that excitement of discovery of “falling off my own cliffs of preconceived notions.” There’s a great quotable quote!

    Thanks for the inspiration to let myself get to the work on a regular basis so I can see how my own creative wishes can come true and not just pine away smiling as I look up from the ground waving while others are having the time of their lives on that creative roller coaster ride!

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    I agree, Carole Jane, that line–"falling off the cliff of my preconceived notions"–is one of the best ever!

  9. Fear of Writing

    Karen, this experience has reminded me that wishes should not be thrown around lightly. And if you wish for something, be prepared for it to be granted! Even if it turns your life upside-down a bit for a while.

  10. Fear of Writing

    Carole, your comment is so very creative in itself, I don’t think you’re waving from the ground. That’s just your comfort zone screaming at you, the little bugger.

    I intimately know that place you’re in right now – I was in it just a short while ago! in the throes of having my wish granted! – and I know you’re just peeling off another layer of the onion. Soooo uncomfortable and scary while it’s happening. But I believe in you. Hang in there! And keep reaching out to friends. (I have found that confessing things here on Charlotte’s blog has helped me tremendously. :~)

  11. Carole Jane Treggett

    LOL! I like that ‘the little bugger’:) Yes, this is a wonderful supportive writers ‘confessional’ here on Charlotte’s blog, I agree! Thanks to both you and Charlotte for your indefatigable encouragement.

  12. Charlotte Dixon

    And thank you for reading!

  13. Pattistafford

    Awesome post, Milli!

    I love the term, “bumping down.” It sounds so much more productive, positive and creative than ‘stumbling’ or ‘going backwards.’ I also like the term “failing forward” which I’ve been seeing a lot lately. I like that with bumping down because it tells me I haven’t failed, I’ve just been in a very long learning process and discovering what it is my heart desires. 😉

    One of my wishes is very much akin to yours. As silly humans we always think there’s a better way to earn an income, surely our passion can’t earn an income. If it does, why do we have starving artists? Yanno? But, income or not, I am finally getting back to my passion–the thing I always return to, creative writing.

    One thing I need to learn, and I should have learned this from you by now, but I’m a stubborn student, is to let things unfold. I can’t say I have an over-achiever personality, but it can be very impatient. Like journaling, which I got from you and I still do it, but I feel like I have to rush through it every morning. On 10K days you have your cappuccino or a latte or some other fabulous coffee concoction and you embrace the time it takes to journal—even if it takes all day and nothing else gets done. I need to learn that.

    This is the first time I’ve been to this site. Perhaps it is a good confessional because I’ve rattled on. Thanks again for a great post. I love wish magic. I should get back in the practice. 😉


  14. Fear of Writing

    Hi there, Patti, and thank you for your long fabulous comment. I’m glad you liked the post and got something out of it for you. Remembering to give our heart’s desire more priority is definitely something that is not always straightforward.

    Hey, I’m thrilled to find out I’ve been such a great role model with my cup of coffee on 10K Days! LOL. That makes me really happy. That’s interesting about how you feel impatient and end up rushing through your journaling. I have the opposite problem – I want to linger there in that oasis of tranquility and Me Time and then I end up starting my work even later than usual (I’m not a morning person to begin with).

    Charlotte runs a fantastic blog and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the great posts on offer. Definitely worth adding to your roster of blogs to visit on a regular basis.

  15. Charlotte Dixon

    Patti, I know exactly what you mean–sometimes I feel that journaling isn't my "real" writing and so I need to rush through it.  When, in truth, so much of what ends up in my creative writing first comes out in my journal!  Oh, the mental tricks we play on ourselves.  Thank you so much for coming by, I'm glad Milli's post enticed you here!

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