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10 Ways to Ground Yourself for Writing

Planet_earth_australia_264109_lThis has been an exciting week for me, what with the release of my debut novel, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior.  I've been consciously working on staying open to receive the blessings of this event.  I must admit, though, at times I've felt myself flying high, as if I'm no longer anchored to the earth.

Or the present.

Or my life.

Or my writing.

Excitement and joy are good, yes they are, but when they cause you to spin about in the air above everything that is happening in the real world, something must be done.  And that something is grounding.

You gotta get yourself back to the present moment, back into the energy of your body, back into your fertile brain.  This is especially important for writers, because how you can put words on the page if your brain is spinning out of control into the stratosphere?

Luckily, there are easy fixes for being ungrounded (if that's a word).   I list them here, with the obvious ones first, followed by some not-so-obvious:

1.  Journal.  This is the number one way I find my path back to myself.  For writers, it's a no-brainer.  Open that journal and write. 

2.  Meditate.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  But at least try closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

3.  Prayer.  Also a good route.  Ask the universe for help in getting back into your body.

4.  Walk.  A reliable mind-clearer.

5.  Drink wine.  I don't know why this works, but it does.   A nice glass of red will bring you back down to earth.  This is why I always want a glass of wine after I've flown somewhere.

6.  Cook/eat.  Something about reconnecting with the most elemental of urges–hunger–gets us back on solid ground.

7.  Get outside.  Hug a tree.  Lie on the grass. Make a snowball.  Get outside and enjoy nature.

8.  Go barefoot.  Especially when you're indulging in #7.  The earthers (not to be confused with birthers) believe that connecting with the energy of the earth has major positive health implications.

9.  Take a nap.  Nothing like a quick snooze to reorient your brain.

10.  Soak in water.  Did you know that water used to be considered a health cure?  I worked on a book that had a whole chapter on hydrotherapy and was fascinated.  Water is good for a variety of things (be sure to drink it, too) but a hot bath can soak away other people's energies and bring you right back into yourself.

Do you need to get yourself grounded at times?  What's your favorite way to do it?

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways to Ground Yourself for Writing

  1. J.D.

    I like the wine, the walk, and the soak in hot water. I don’t know that prayer grounds me because I’m usually asking for something. When what I have asked for occurs, I so casually forget the prayer I prayed. I don’t know how prayer works; I don’t believe it is a means to guide God around like PacMan on a video screen, doing our bidding. My prayers should sometimes be closer to your meditation, I think. Your book came yesterday.

  2. Karen Phillips

    Charlotte, would you think I’m nuts if I said cleaning my house helps ground me? If my life has been flipping around too much, my house gets pretty trashed. And for some reason or other, I equate the jumbled outside with what might be going on in my mind and emotions, so I vacuum, too. I agree with all the things you suggested to get my feet back on the ground, too.

    I am really proud of you, dear! Congratulations again on your book release!

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Yeah, I have to admit the wine works a bit too well for me sometimes.  🙂  And your thoughts about prayer are interesting–I do agree that sometimes we treat God as a vending machine–prayers in, results out.  Thinking of it more like mediation is good.  And thanks for ordering the book!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    I love this one!  House cleaning makes total sense.  And you're right–it is grounding.  I've just never thought of it that way, because I've always looked at it as a negative chore.  This totally turns it around for me!  And thank you for your good thoughts about the book release.

  5. Heather Jenkins

    Woot woot!! I’m so happy for you, Charlotte. Congrats on the release of your book. It’s in my Amazon inbox and I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

    As for what grounds me, hmm, well… I do partake in several of your suggestions, napping especially. Although my taps can turn into five-hour sleepathons. But I find that a good conversation grounds me. Not a gab fest, but a “grab” fest. I’m talking one of those writer-to-writer talks that grabs you by the collar and pushes you out of your comfort zone. The kind of talk that has you breaking speed limits to get to your chair and write. The kind of talk you can only have with other writers who live in and understand the chaotic craziness of the creative world.

    Other than that, I’m good with a cup of coffee, my cat, and some chicken wings. 🙂

    Love your post as always!

  6. Don

    I’ve never tried the wine thingy, and with my liver problems that’s probably a good thing, however, the other points are most excellent.

    I especially love walking and I often walk east to the end of the city, which is about 54km. Other times I go to the west of part of the city which also about the same distance. When I return home I’m completely pooped out physically, but my mind is just raring to go with all kinds of new ideas to write about.

    Meditation and prayer, then a nice snack followed by a nap seems to work absolute wonders for my old noggin!

    Other than not trying the wing thingy, I’ve never tried the soaking thingy either, but I’ve found that a nice hot shower not only cleans my old, tired and creaky body, but also helps to clean out the pee-brain in the process, leaving me feeling fresh and raring to write about this, that and the other thingy.

    As for Emma Jean, well, I just can’t wait to read all about her. I was planning on buying a copy, but thanks to what happened the other wonderful night, I’m now looking forward to reading my signed-copy all the more. I can’t wait, I just can’t wait! Now, come to think of it, I better go and use the above points to help me relax and calm down from all the anticipation!

  7. Patty/Living Deep Studio

    Oh you hit it for me with water, Charlotte. I once read that water grounds us whether we’re in it, on it, looking at it or drinking it. I never thought of it as soaking away other people’s energies to bring us back to ourselves. I get *so* swept up in other people’s energy (especially online) and sometimes it’s hard to disconnect from that. No wonder my new practice of about 3 months – going in the hot tub at mid-day – feels so good. So necessary, actually. In fact, I have to go do that right now!

  8. Punky Coletta

    Yay naps! Oh, and I absolutely do not go barefoot enough. Used to do it all the time, outside, on the concrete. Thanks for the reminder! In the spring I will try to remember to go barefoot in my backyard and just stroll and enjoy the feeling of grass blades on my toes!

  9. Zan Marie

    Hot showers work, too.
    I can’t wait for Tuesday and your interview on my site. See you, Charlotte. ; )

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    I can't wait for Tuesday, either, Zan Marie!  And hot showers are a great addition to the list.

  11. Sandra Pawula

    Welcome back from the stratosphere, Charlotte. Taking a nap and a bath (not at the same time) are decidedly my best ways to get grounded. I also recommend them heartily.

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