Countdown to Release and Life Lessons from Emma Jean

First of all, I've got a guest post over at Always Well Within today.  If you don't know Sandra's blog, you should.  She writes about spiritual and personal development matters in a way that always makes me feel calm and peaceful.  Just going to her space centers me. 

The topic of my guest post there is 10 Life Lessons From Emma Jean.  Sandra suggested the title and I immediately loved it.  And then I stressed a lot a bit over the writing of it, because I loved the topic so much and I wanted it to be right.  It ended up being a lot of fun to write, once I got over my angst, and I'm happy with the result.  I'd love it if you checked it out.

And, tomorrow is the big day.  It is the official release day of Emma Jean's Bad Behavior (although the book is already available everywhere, except in the Kindle version which I can't quite figure out).  I'm celebrating with a Virtual Release party, which you can still sign up for, and I'll be back tomorrow with a post about the release process.

Please go read Sandra's blog!


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  1. Just read your guest-post on Sandra’s blog. It was an interesting post as usual. Can’t wait to phone in tomorrow at your Virtual Release Party. Hope I win a copy as I read excerpts and fount that it was a very, very interesting read to say the least. I love anything to do with writers. No wonder I loved, and still do, Murder She Wrote.

  2. Don, do you ever watch Castle?  I love that show and its about a famous mystery writer who works with the NYC police.  I'm so excited that you're signed up for the call tonight!  Talk to you then.

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