Just Write It

As you all know, I teach writing, and I coach writers and I write about writing on this here blog.

There's seven years worth of posts here–over a thousand of them last time I looked–and they all have something to do with writing.  In truth, I don't write a whole lot about the actual mechanics of writing. What I tend to focus on the most is helping people get the writing done. 

And here's a true confession:

The advice I offer to my clients, my students and my readers is one and the same:

Just write it.      Shadow-nike-3912603-h

If only it were that easy, right?

Why is it so damn hard to sit down and just write it?  

If I had the answer to that, I'd be a millionaire many times over.

There's a million reasons why we don't write.

But bear in mind, all you really have to do to be a writer is get yourself to the page, and write one word.  Then another.  And another.

Sometimes the simplest reminders are what propel me back to my work again.

What helps you get back to the page?

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0 thoughts on “Just Write It”

  1. You do a great service. This here blog is the best hangout on the net for those afflicted with writing flu. I like the picture. One step in front of another. And that Nike swoosh is a nice touch. Surely there are no Duck fans on this blog.

  2. “Writing flu” I love it! Well, maybe no other Duck fans–but I got you, a dedicated Auburn fan and I’ll take it. When you guys beat us at the championship a few years ago, I happened to be on a plane with a bunch of fans the next day and I was so impressed with their kindness.

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