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Thursday Obsessions

OrchidMy granddaughter, the lovely Olivia, who at 14 months is learning to walk quite efficiently, is here today and so no deep thoughts on writing.  While she naps, I'm compiling this post of things I'm currently loving (with thanks to Beverly for the inspiration).

1.  Suddenly, I'm all about writing practice.  I'm working on a whole post about this for next week, but in the meantime I'm reading this and this and I just got this and haven't yet had a chance to dive into it. From what I've seen of all these books, all are highly recommended!

2.  This kid's book: A Walk in Paris.  When my grandson, Henry, stayed with us last winter, I fed him honey from my Air BandB lodgings the previous summer.  This led to a discussion about how someday I would take him there.  Which has led to him, every so often, stopping whatever he is doing and saying quite seriously, "Henry go Paris with Nonni." This book allows  me to show it to him.  (I'll be back in France this summer–and you could join me!  Click here for more details.)

3.  The fact that the University of Glasgow is actually calling for applications for a knitter-in-residence. My current knitting consists mostly of log cabin cotton washcloths, because they are easy to take along when traveling. And they are uber cool besides.

4.  My chiropractor.  And the fact that she has got me walking without pain for the first time in a couple of years.  

5.  Buzzfeed.  Whatever you do, do NOT subscribe to any of their email lists.  You'll never get any writing done.

6.  Resonate wine.  I'm in love with this deep, luscious red by Enso.  While they are a local urban winery with a cool tasting room, they also ship all over.

7.  The wonderful Sandra Pawula's Living With Ease home study course.  Highly recommended.  I took the live class in the winter and found it very helpful.  I also did an interview with her that you can read here.

8. Alegria shoes.  Fantastic walking footwear.  I found a pair of Mary Janes at Goodwill before I realized Alegrias were a thing, and I have a pair of sandals on the way.  Because, you know, one must look good when walking around Paris.  (Refer to #2.)

9.  My local library.  It's the second-most-used library system in the country and I'm sure that's because of me.  I love that I can put books on hold and then its like Christmas when they all come in. If I get a book I don't like, I don't have to feel guilty that I spent money on it.  (And all that being said, I am still a huge book buyer and believer that we need to support other authors.  You should see how many titles I have on my Kindle.)

10.  Mahi mahi.  I'd never eaten this fish before a couple of weeks ago when I had it at my sister's.  I've cooked it a gazillion times since then.  It's inexpensive and delicious.  Grill it with butter and garlic, that's all you need to do.  Oh–and serve with mango salsa.  Amazing.

11.  Orchids.  I'm a lousy gardener (the raised-bed vegetables on my driveway that don't seem to grow being exhibit A) but for some unknown reason, this spring I've been blessed with three orchid plants that have re-bloomed.  (See above photo.)  They are spectacular!  I just wish I knew what I've done to make them bloom again.

12.  The conference I will be attending next week.  Being around like-minded, positive people feeds my soul and that in turn powers my writing.

What are you obsessed about this week?  Writing?  Stories?  Beer? Cats?  Calculus? Water-skiing? Tell us in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Thursday Obsessions

  1. Beverly

    I love your list! Thanks for playing along!!

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    It was great fun!  Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. J.D.

    Of course, your chiropractor went to Malibu. Tell me, aren’t a doctor who gets you walking and a love of red wine counterproductive?

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh, I'm certain the wine is good for me, in some universe or another!

  5. D young

    Studies show- a glass of red wine a day is valuable to the immune system…
    Justify justify!

  6. D young

    Charolette- you had me at #10 and lost me at being into calculus this week. Ha! Nice try. You know us creatives hate math!!

    Love the list though. Seriously. My old blog has been shut down. But I almost wish I had one again. Just to mimick some of your antics for myself. Yet sharing them to those interested. That makes me think of how journaling is so important. But that is typically for the writers eyes only. Sharing is what conceives new ideas. Familiar feelings. And evokes a bond between those who just “get it”.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Don Williams

    Point number 12 is especially important (not that the others are not!) . I’ve found that being around negative people will have a negative on everything, writing included. Positive people, on the other hand, will have a profound and positive in much the same way!

    You never know, you know, maybe, just maybe a miracle will happen and I too will get to go to France and spend a little time with you? You’ll soon fine out, though I may not be as cute as your precious grand kids, you’ll probably find me a lot more taxing!

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    Ha! Thank you!

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    I totally agree about the negative people, Don. I tend to absorb negativity, so its very important to me. And yes, yes, yes, come to France! If not this year, then next–J.D. is coming. It would be so fun!

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