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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #3

Here is my weekly round-up of writing prompts from my daily Tumblr blog.

#18 Sometimes she looked for the answer in wine and sometime she looked for it in food.  On bad nights, she searched for it in cigarettes.

#19 It’s Monday morning.  What’s the first thing your main character thinks of when she opens her eyes? What is the first thing she does after she gets up? Continue on, following her like this, throughout her entire ordinary day.

#20 Don't stop now.

#21 It was all over but the shouting.  But what happened next was even more incredible.

#22  It was a typical Thursday morning at the coffee shop, with groups of people chatting at some tables, and others working on computers.  A long line waited to order.  And then, the shouting began….

#23  I'm doing it because I want to, and not because you tell me to.  (In honor of my sister, who said this to our parents all the time when growing up.)

#24  The full moon rose over the glassy lake, casting night shadows that were a little spooky.

Enjoy!  And if any of them spark a piece you'd like to share, come back and comment!

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #3

  1. J.D.

    I’ve struggled to keep my WIPs going, so I’ve brushed off writing prompts. This time, I may change my mind. Some of these look like novel material. This batch seems to take a darker turn, or is that me?

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh you know me, I run dark and light. I’m being flip, but its actually the truth. And I know some ways to use writing prompts with your WIP if you need them. They can be very helpful for brainstorming.

  3. D young

    This list has a hint of fall to it, a taste of pumpkin spice, and the need for a light woolen throw. I think it’s your compiled list of chosen ideas combined with this murky cool weather we are having in the Midwest that has me feeling less than the traditional dog days of summer this year.

    I’m listing. Prompts and short story ideas. I’ve begun filling my new journal!

  4. J.D.

    Short story is good. For mystery writers it’s a market that seems to be shrinking, but there are still plenty of spots for literary, which I assume is what you will write. Maybe you should steal Charlotte’s great line from above: You know me, I run dark and light.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    I am jonesing for fall big time, as we've had a run of hot weather here, very un-Portland like, so it is not surprising you see that in this grouping.  And I'm so excited that you are filling your new journal!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Hmm, some of the longer short stories are making a comeback on Amazon in some genres, but maybe that's not happening with mysteries.  Probably novellas are more like it.

  7. J.D.

    You may be correct. I think of the magazines and journals. Ellery Queen Mag is still a huge feather in a mystery writer’s hat as is Hitchcock’s. There are a couple of others but I get the feeling the magazine market, any outlet for print, is–well, let’s not talk about shriveling.

  8. D young

    If I could rewind and have a full year of Julys I would! I definitely live in the wrong part of the country. Unlike last year, we have yet to see above 100 degrees. If it stayed 90 24x7x365, well…that would suit me just fine. Fall just reminds me of the -20 we will have come December…

  9. D young

    I am hoping my short story ideas may lead to a longer, say, book project. I’m going for a fiction novel. So yes, you guessed right:)

    And I believe we all run dark and light at some time or another in life. When it comes to the creative mind- saying we are always lights won’t get us very far now will it? Plus there may be a bit of fibbing involved:)

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    I like that there’s also always a market on Amazon, whatever you think of them, for shorter works.

  11. Charlotte Dixon

    We don’t get that cold weather here, and barely any snow, just lots of rain, which is fine with me–I love it!

  12. Patty

    I love these prompts Charlotte. I’m trying to 15 min of freewriting with prompts each day and I’ve already added these to my stash. Thanks!

  13. Charlotte Dixon

    Glad to hear about the freewriting, Patty, and there will be more prompts to come each week.  I like to print them out and keep them with my journal for future writing sessions.

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